Graces Downfall / Press

“A veritable concrete slab of not only production, but emotion throughout, done without ever falling back into “safe” territory, Graces Downfall manages to rattle off one convincing idea after another. In the process, the band stretches the boundaries of hard rock in NEPA just a little further to fit their own needs – the results are fist-pumpingly satisfying.”

“Impressed big time w Scranton PA's Grace's Downfall they just NAILED Pearl Jam's Even Flow AND they have solid originals too!”

“The drving force of the Scranton rock scene storms into the Scranton Hardware Bar at 519 Linden St. Sunday September 4, 2011 at 11:30 P.M. to shake the walls and rock the masses. Graces Downfall has become a rising force in the Pennsylvania music scene and has recently opened for National Recording Artists Rev Theory and 10 Years. Come and see why this is one of Pennsylvania's favorite unsigned acts”

Steamtown Showcase CEO John Phillips - Steamtown Original Music Show Newsletter

““It’s alternative rock with a twist of heaviness on some songs and the lightness and melody of the softest song you’ve ever heard on others.. They’re certainly one of Pennsylvania’s most promising young bands.”

Bret Alexander - Bret Alexander of Saturation Acres

“Graces Downfall offers clear and rich vocals, memorable melodies, chunky riffs, big hooks, and booming productions. It's all there, in full modern-rock glory, Yet the arrangements are clever and the sound is fresh.”

Alan K. Stout - The Weekender Magazine