GO WITH ME / Press

“GO WITH ME – Second Chance: The third album now available on Autarkeia Records..Bob Idakaar and his band GO WITH ME follow up 2008’s Everything Almost Never Happens with Second Chance, a versatile yet solid rock album exploring familiar ground while spinning something entirely original of it. Musician-songwriter Idakaar is again joined by his longtime music partner, multi-instrumentalist Bruce Gatewood. Second Chance features vocalist Rich Ortiz with additional vocals by Idakaar, Gatewood, Maria Brock, and the very gifted vocalist-pianist Tara Worth. Also on board are guitarist Randy Bernsen, drummers John Hvasta and Scott Miller, keyboardist John DePace, Brian Kornfield, & many more. Moving seamlessly in-between rock and reggae, through funk and out to the simplest ballad, Second Chance explores elemental themes of love, struggle, redemption and, of course, that old elusive gift - the 2ND chance. Produced and engineered by Idakaar & Gatewood. www.gowithme.info ”