Gotham City Troubadour / Press

“Much respect... horns raised in honor! ”

Musician - Rick / Splintered Reality

“I like your sounds.”

Musician - Paul Robert Thomas

“You Rock!”

Musician - Kevin Looney

“Cool music, I really like your song Lola.”

Lee Howard - Musician

“Was a pleasure to share the stage with you guys! Keep that shit up, and add me on facebook! All of you!”

Stacy Wade / Fallen Within - Musician

“Ive seen this band perform 3 times and each time it has been GREAT! I love the diversity of music, sometimes they will play a song and you say to yourself WOW they do that?? These guys are very talented! I've met all of them and they treat you as if they have known you for years. Thank you guys for rockin!!! ”

Fan - Chris Hayes, Pensacola, FL