Sophi / Press

“on "Medication"... “Great track!””

“on "Medication"... “Great track, great sound!”

“on "LIVE IT UP" - I like the melody, it's catchy and the chorus really hits hard when it comes in. I definitely think you have what it takes in all areas to be a pop star and a great writer!”

“I like the song and your voice! "LIKE ME" is catchy and sounds well produced!”

“Your work is amazing! You have so much talent!”

““Make You Feel My Love” was originally recorded and released by Bob Dylan on his 1997 album Time Out Of Mind. It has since been covered by major artists such as Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Billy Joel, yet Sophi still manages to create her own, distinctive rendition. Sophi's vocals come through clearly, with an expressive, soulful performance.”

“Sophi has one of the most distinctive voices that I have had the pleasure of working with in my more than 20 years as a vocal technique teacher and this is obvious to anyone who hears her original music. I’m not given to faint praise, but when someone of Sophi’s abilities and drive comes along, it’s hard not to predict great things in her future.”


“on "Pieces" - “I like the way the instruments match your voice. It makes the song more compelling. As long as you keep singing like that the fans will always come back to your concerts. The tone and harmonies delivered a outstanding tune that made my heart jump. I hope you stay in the music industry for a long time.””

“You're major label potential right now.. gorgeous voice and look. .. this is what they want - the total package. ”

“on "Pieces" - "Beautiful drum, very nice guitar, and an enchanting voice that I wouldn't mind listening to in my vehicle anytime. Good song! I have to give this a 10 out of 10!””

“on "Pieces" - "Lovely guitar melody over the sustained cellos followed by a sweet and innocent voice. Can hear the pain, I want to pick up the girl falling, its never too late! Love the chorus, transported me to a world where thinking about love didn't hurt. All those whispers unspoken where your thoughts get too loud.””

“on "Pieces" - "The vocals were WONDERFUL. I loved the way her voice sounded and the drums. The kicks and percussion made up the song which i loved. Great Song, Wonderful Voice, Wonderful Instruments, 10/10””

“Sophi has written some amazing songs. Her unique singing voice is one of a kind. It appears this young singer, songwriter and performer has a very bright future. We fell in love with her singing as it is truly amazing to listen to.”

“Simply Beautiful, you have a heavenly voice, keep up the fantastic work, and to me, you don't sound like any of those other artists, YOUR ORIGINAL”

“Very nice”

“Sophi is well on her way of being a teen pop sensation”


“You could easily be forgiven when you listen to this finely tuned well crafted singer /songwriter with this great rocky sound, for thinking this could have taken the best part of the last decade to perfect! But what I found truly amazing when reading was this brilliant young female artist was not only just thirteen (at the time), the vocals, compositions and over all sound was way beyond the years of someone so young ! I have high hopes for this extremely talented young lady and her gift ! A true star is what springs to mind and a very bright future awaits in this industry ! This is not the new AVRIL Lavigne. This is SOPHI with a sound all of her own !!!”

“I was thrilled to meet Sophi. She has an amazing voice and l think she is very talented... just a natural in front of the camera.”

“Oh My Sophie...Skyscraper 9/11 Tribute Video is the Best! Congratulations & Thank You for This Incredible 10th Anniversary Tribute!”

“You have a great voice! As the mother of two teenage daughters, I'm glad to know there ARE positive role models out there for them to enjoy.”

“This girl is going to make big waves in the industry.”

“Beautiful voice with "Star" written all over it.”

“You've got great catchy songs and a voice to match. I believe you'r destined for stardom!”