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“The Hottest New Latin-Music CDs PALO! This is Afro-Cuban Funk Afro-Cuban funk is Cuban music for the new generation. And the leader of the sound is the Miami based band PALO!, led by Steve Roitstein. Their new CD opens up with “Lengua Larga,” a perfect balance of funk and Afro-Cuban rhythms dedicated to the gossip queens of the world. In “Pa’ Chango” the band celebrates the god of fire using batá rhythms, chants, and electric funk beats that will make the warrior deity dance in the sky with divine thunder.”

“PALO! This Is Afro-Cuban Funk CD (Rolling Pin Music 5741), Released 2009; Editor's Pick: What a great surprise ...a highly FUNKified, folklore-jazz number with inflections of timba, salsa and even a bit of R&B. Yoruba Funk Party music at its best. Whatever you want to call it, it's great stuff that will be sure to get your blood flowing. Superb vocalist and PALO! co-founder Leslie Cartaya pumps life and vitality into every arrangement. With co-founder and keyboardist Steve Roitstein at the helm, PALO! also has saxophonist Ed Calle, timbalero Raymer Olalde, conguero and singer Philbert Armenteros and others. This is funk, Yoruba style, with lots of attitude and ...Very Highly Recommended.”