Goose Doctor / Press

“Over the past year during their weekly gigs at Ace Bar, Old Shoe has brought some of the best local jam talent from around the region to the cozy confines of Fullerton St, and made it accessible to those that love to do the hump day boogie. The bill for the second to last installment of Old Shoe’s residency brought with it a decidedly nursery rhyme type feel. As I found out it was in name alone because right from the get go you could tell the lyrical content and musicianship were more complex than the average toddler could handle. On this evening, Goose Doctor joined the bill. The DeKalb, IL-based band had their debut performance only a few months ago, although their members have known each other for years. After opening with a fun little Indian themed tune called “Nabowah” that distorted nicely and showed off synthesized notes of both Pink Floyd and Umphrey’s McGee flavors, the band moved into a full spring time fervor on the rightfully titled “Born.” The song built on a g”