Goodwin Joseph / Press

“Newly emerging onto the Brisbane music scene is the 'Kiwi in Coolie' none other than Brendon Blythe in his fresh and up beat project Goodwin Joseph. With his first EP, Chasing the Sun, under his belt this surf loving songster is busy laying down new material with the other half of Goodwin Joseph, the impressively talented Drew Renshaw. Together Blythe and Renshaw produce vibrant, positive tunes with a 'Happy Go Lucky' feel that permeates the Goodwin Joseph sound. The result is an infectious collection of melodies that will merrily bounce around inside the heads of all who listen. Goodwin Joseph is a feel good blend of ska, pop, rock with a frothy overlay of salty guitar rhythms. This music is the reason repeat buttons exist. ”

Janelle Salmon - 4zzz FM Radio Brisbane

“Youth Fades, Kiwi in Coolie, Sox n Thongs, Happy go Lucky and Broken Dreams, these r some real awesome songs, peace.”

Mask Poet - Reverbnation

“ Brilliant sound and great vocals, overflowing with originality… "Kiwi in Coolie" and "Youth Fades" are great tunes ... more power to you ”

New TribeZ Radio - Reverbnation

“very cool tunes here guys..really diggin the righteous good dub vibe for "kiwi in coolie"..that moog-like bassline is pure skillz! and really love the good feelings coming from the vocals...perfect music for a beach barbie!!”

Mike White Presents - Reverbnation

“ What wonderful songs. "Happy Go Lucky" has depth of sound and meaning. I loved the unexpected and well placed rap to complement your expressive vocals. Great instrumentation, too. ”

Juliann Andreen - Reverbnation

“Great unique voice and musical moods!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“The songs are absolutely incredible! And love the vocals!”

Maya Davie - Reverbnation

"Kiwi in Coolie" is a funky fun reggae song that sticks in your head. Love the breakout chorus with its various 'ecstasies'. I like how rap is integrated into "Happy Go Lucky". Nice tempo change. Nicely done!

Gary Kochan - Reverbnation