Goodnight Ravenswood / Press

“A four-piece project out of Oceanside, Calif., the boys of Goodnight Ravenswood inject some old west into the southwest, what Neil Young would have sounded like were he raised by the sea. With an Americana spirit they’re quick to claim, the blue-collar band is a poignant look into life on the clock. Heavy influences of Springsteen, Petty and Ryans Adams curated in the shadow of working class lives.”

Josh T Saunders (Surfer Magazine) - Press Release

“The new Oceanside band, Goodnight Ravenswood, has been gracing local music venues over the past few months, offering a new flavor to the North County music scene. The band’s unique blend of Americana and folk, with lyrics that hint at political idealism, can be heard live around the county and on their newly released EP, “Freedom.””

“Needless to say our favorite band of the night was, Goodnight Ravenswood.”