Goodness Gracious Me! / Press

"That's the cool thing about GGM!... even their biggest riffs are never too far away from an introspective moment - somber vocal harmonies, mournful acoustic guitar, even a lonely violin."

"The album, appropriately titled Waiting Room, was recorded at their friend Steve Robinson’s Shooting Range studio literally as it was being built. The surrounding raw materials, akin to their practice garage, must have felt comfortable, because they dialed in an album with all the right textures."

"It’s got a folk-rock Americana feel, but with hints of blues, math rock, rockabilly—and even a harder side... like eating spicy food, accidentally rubbing your eyes and crying greasy tears"

"When life is all about playing music, who really cares about strategy? Goodness Gracious Me and the rest of the supportive Sacramento bands with refined styles care, and what's more, they're making huge strides in the right direction."

"The Ballsiest Singer Award easily goes out to Jeremy Green and the rest of the guys from Goodness Gracious Me... with Green leaving about a quart of blood and sweat on the stage. Time to light up a cigarette, even if you don’t smoke."