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“94.5 The Buzz broadcast of "Part Of This Complete Breakfast"”

“Robb Marshall (guitar) and Bryan Holub (drums) have performed all over Houston and the dynamic duo performed at Scout Bar last month. The crowd was a little confused at first. I heard one guy ask “Where is the singer?” I looked over at him and said “They don’t need one.” Marshall and Holub are very unassuming people. You know - kind of quiet, cute, sheepish grins and very friendly offstage. But when they walk onstage, Marshall picks up his guitar and Holub gets situated behind his drum kit and magic happens. The lights change and the men onstage command your attention as the music flows. It sounds like Satriani meets Portnoy. (Look the names up if you don’t know!) It’s metal, then ambient, then alternative rock. Watching Marshall and Holub feed off each other’s energy is like being privy to a personal jam session and the crowd loved it! http://www.examiner.com/concert-photography-in-houston/another-great-job-for-good-job-underground#ixzz1CfYQBuSd”

“Good Job Underground: Great Job Performing at Scout Bar Continue reading on Examiner.com: Good Job Underground: Great Job Performing at Scout Bar - Houston Concert Photography | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/concert-photography-in-houston/good-job-underground-great-job-performing-at-scout-bar#ixzz1CfY6t6so ”