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Black Fusion / Press

“Its very intriguing music for sure! I like the genuine feel of the recording of the drums... they sound very real, very live, and as if they were right in front of me! The music is not my particular flavor, but I actually did enjoy hearing the different tones, and the clarity of your recordings, as well as the interesting actual creation of music! Thumbs up for doing something completely out of the ordinary and doing it well!!!”

"just got in the new Black Fusion CD today as well as some Black Fusion T-Shirts and tank tops to sell!"

"I listened to some of your ReverbNation stuff. You can play. You are creative. You have ears. For most students, the hardest thing to teach them is to express themselves. You are already there.

"Black Fusion is a Raleigh, NC-based production duo of pianist FT Erwin & drummer/programmer TJ Goode on the KC.93 Records & Radio label. Their latest release colorful keys in paradise is a fluid piece of music combining the soothing keywork by Erwin and the intense drum patterns of Goode. Listening to it from front to back gives a very cinematic and dramatic feel. For me, it basically plays like a bboy documentary in the theme of a noir film. Stay tuned for more from this outstanding duo of the Midnight Kids Academy.

"yo.....you all are so awesome.....i really love the lo-fi sound....you all have inspired me musically for today....thx and keep making dope music..peace Prof.Logik"

"I just checked out "The Painting" man let me tell you it is awesome. I totally get where you guys are tryna go with your sound; its almost like garage jazz. Dude it is amazing and I am truly a fan I would love to get down with you guys

Phlobott Jenkins

"I love your sound, I am totally hypnotized! 8-) Oh my! You are an awesome talent, beyond comparison."


"Black Fusion is just that,a fusion of many elements and genres of music.From Hip-Hop to Electronica,Classical to Rock,Disco to New Age.It is rare to find a blend of music fused like that with no boundaries on who the audience is."

"Black Fusion's music is driven by what moves the spirit in its rawest form. Synth chords from the heavens and finding freedom in live drum breaks. Lush and lovely vibes from the rich soil of the Earth."

"If there was something you could give a normal thinking brain to change its narrow perspective of music BLACK FUSION is that medicine." rdogg out.....................


"Very original......I love it "

Leviticus Black

"Experimental, Psychadelic, Free-jazz"

"Black Fusion is something original! Their music is from an Experimental ,Industrial, Jazz perspective...Black Fusion's Music Is A Receprocation to music of what they've learned from their elders of jazz and other forms of sound."

"Very crisp vintage tunes with a splash of pop....very passion driven excellence. Nyla Elise


"The Star Wars Cantina band meets the Hudson Valley Philharmonic. In a real good way.Your songs are real spacey. I like that spacey s***!"

"Raw, abstract, and very un-ordinary. I thinks it's DOPE!!!"

" Coffee in Singapore is my favorite. Real chill vibe.A jazzy,live bar ish sound. I like that. It sounds like improv. That's awesome!"

“Very well drawn out work here... Starts out nice, with my favorite track of all here, and takes you on an open-to-interpretation trip 'til the very end...AbJo approves." ”

"I can hear the pain, the struggle and the soul in this new fusion sound. I can dig it and Im sure you will."

William Nixon aka "Billy Knicks"

" Your music is like a breath of fresh air, abstract with good grooves that just makes you want to move! It's like Tommy Guerrero meets jazz meets trance. It's crazy! I dig it!"


"Powerful and resourceful instrumentation is what makes Black fusion a group to listen to."

"Hectic percussion balanced by soothing soft melodies. Black fusion creates a mellow funk that’s out of this world but still has root vibes."


"Goode Fam is a dope instrumentation of futuristic sounds.The rebirth of originality and beats you won't find anywhere else."

"GoodFam has some very refreshing, cool music with some awesome beats that I would want to fall asleep listening to. Its pretty relaxing."

DJ Fowlius

"Black Fusion is the FUTURE!" "This is global music." "Unity will be created from this unique art!"

"Your music is an Innovative, Spiritual Soundscape."

"Your sound is refreshing,different from the norm,the drums are raw! The keys have way of reaching you in a way that it makes you move.Well rounded sound that can make an impact on the music of the future."

"Innovative and Inspiring."

"TJ's music always inspires and lifts my spirits. His music is always unique,creative, and a breath of fresh air to what is out the music industry now."


"Wow." "This music has so much emotion."

Chi Intelligent

“I can hear this music playing at the club "Shelter" in Chicago." I can here this in VIP." "Ambience."”

"Out there!" Unique!" Special!" A creative vibe is what I get when I listen to this music" Peacful" Awesome"