goodbyemotel / Press

“Vinyl records are but a dusty, distant relic for the new wave of groovers. Melbourne band goodbyemotel is expressing its indie-rock sound with the ''world's first 4D live music experience'' because 3D is so last century. Visualise a screen with synchronised 3D projections as the band plays behind it and the audience wears 3D glasses. In the words of Swedish-born lead singer Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom, the immersive experience blows the senses of sight and sound. ''It kind of messes with your imagination as you watch it,'' he said. Psychedelic is another word to describe the gig at the Bakehouse Studios in Richmond and in the audience was singer Phil Ceberano, who declared: ''Formidable. Coming from another musician - threatening.''”

“We knew right off that we wanted to share Goodbyemotel’s “Set It Off” with our radio friends. The graceful, cinematic rock bulging with gritty and grounded guitar riffs and massively hooky chorus harmonies herald the Australian quintet’s Coldplay, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie and U2 influences. On this, their third EP to accompany one full-length, Goodbyemotel crafts melodic indie rock — arty and accessible — that should be easily expandable for what will likely be a need for future arena-sized stages.”

“Turn your head to today’s Crush of the Day and say hello to goodbyemotel. With a handful of EPs and a studio album under their belt comes the Melbourne band’s latest effort, “Set It Off”, as featured on their latest EP People. Since their debut EP in 2007, goodbyemotel have never shown anything less than pure quality. Their latest single is no exception, even attracting car brand Chrysler’s attention for their latest national TV advertisement campaign. “Set It Off” will be music magic to the ears of any fans of the indie-rock genre.”