Goodbye Dyna / Press

“The Dyna dudes do alt-rock that stops and starts and swirls about like a paper airplane thrown from a tall building; it might be pointed one way at first, but you never quite know when a turn is going to come, or which direction it will go.”

“who would know 'whalesong' would make me sell my furniture and buy an enormous fish tank to hold my new humpbacks.”

Dionysus - The 'whalesong' Story

"Goodbye Dyna dropped off their latest CD, entitled XXVII, in our offices and it didn’t take long for the disc to impress us. The band skips between genres, tying them together with a skillfully composed prog-rock foundation. Keep an eye on these guys."

Mike Bookey - The Source

“The songs reveal a band that embraces buzzy guitar-rock, but not at the expense of memorable melodies. Goodbye Dyna's sound fits somewhere among alt-rock giants like Alice In Chains and the Foo Fighters, with a little 21st-century flair. The soaring pop-rocker "Setting Sun" is a highlight.”

Ben Salmon - The Bulletin - Say hello to Goodbye Dyna

“XXVII is a breath of fresh air in a saturated industry. Infectious & unique songwriting spanning a dozen genres ambitiously reaches outside of the indie realm.”

Juno Karate - The Golden Goose

“I'm a muther#&$kin' scientist!”

Albert Einstein - Smart Guy