Goldy lockS / Press

“Goldy Locks, musician, songwriter, photographer, designer of leather wristbands and a beautiful woman both inside and out. I had the pleasure of meeting Goldy through a mutual friend as she was to photograph me for my media pictures (one below). But more than just a talented entrepreneur, she is a very caring person that is always giving back to the community. I was so impressed with her loving spirit for the homeless population. She also visits junior and high school aged children in the cities in which her band is touring, w henever possible, sharing her message with these kids to reach their goals and to stay away from drugs and bad influences. You'll really enjoy reading her story”

“El hecho de ser presentadora de lucha te añadido de agresividad verdadermente interesante. ¿Intentas llavar ambas sualidades a escena?”

“GoldylockS, under the direction of their fiery lead-singer Goldy, are more than mere entertainers. They strive to be inspirers, providers of hope and a connection to young people that may otherwise be too hard to reach. • The inspirational message is undeniable in the song “Today I Won’t Be Afraid,” written by Goldy and her lead-guitarist Ben Dmitrick. “The song has been very inspirational to kids and adults,” Goldy said. • But the band has gone above and beyond the call of ordinary musicians to inspire youth, including those in Pike County. • As part of the Today I Wont Be Afraid program, Goldy, who conceptualized the tour, first makes an appearance at various schools to execute a motivational speaking program she has created.”

“She doesn’t find rock music too hard or the world of pro wrestling too soft. For Goldy Locks everything is just right. The singer/song writer/guitarist/pro wrestling personality (who also designs her own line of clothing and sings in 5 languages) comes to Montgomery on Friday for a show at Off The Wagon. As a child growing up in Minnesota, she didn’t have the money to buy a keyboard, so she bought Ho-Ho- pastries that she would sell to students during Lent. ”

“Goldy, her real name is Moon Shadow, is no stranger to performing. She’s opened for some of the biggest names in modern rock and even had her hand in professional wrestling. There is also a compassionate side to Goldy. She’s been a motivational speaker for several years and regularly speaks to students at schools across the Southeast & North, on facing their fears and empowering themselves. Dubbed the “Today I Won’t Be Afraid Tour,” after on of the band’s original songs, her talks have been well-received wherever she’s spoken.”

“-In a rock world all too often dominated by egotistical figures, it’s refreshing to hear that tiny snippet of vulnerability admitted and confronted. You could tell it resonated clearly with the kids. I’ve been to countless shows, heard messages about everything from positive aggression, fighting the powers that be, to standing up for your right (to party...). Never before, though, had such a simple and powerful message been so clearly stated. No remnant of pride tinged it, just a joyous sense of “you CAN!” You can do whatever it is you want to do without fear.”