Golden Toast / Press

“Introducing DJ Toast aka Golden Toast One major attribute of a good producer in today’s EDM world is the ability to strike up a synthetic balance between heavy and melodic soundscapes. Artists who can do this are able to craft cuts that can move the soul while moving bodies, simultaneously. Ananda Goldsmith has achieved this balance. The Ashland, OR artist produces under the moniker DJ Toast aka Golden Toast, and has quickly found a way to orchestrate glitch-hop and midtempo-infused dubstep tunes that drop with passion and energy. Toast has put his own buttery spin on classic songs from artists like Thievery Corporation, Led Zeppelin, and Etta James, while also busting out a long list of powerful originals on a pair of EPs: ComaToast and Roller Toaster. Grab some butter and heat up the toaster, because breakfast is served. By: Jordan Calvano”