Golden Grenade / Press

“The record is classic rock with a side of blues, and in songs like Love Again and She’s Got Me, the trio really gets a chance to show off their amazing ensemble vibe. You don’t really notice how catchy the guitar riffs are or what the vocals are doing, because it all blends together flawlessly in one rockin’, hard-driving gathering of sounds.”

“It’s official I am married to your music…till death do us part baby! I’ve been listening to your songs on repeat all day…it’s like sunshine and rainbows!”

Charlie DeVries - KBZK/CW Network

“If Elliott Smith was around to play with the rock sensibility of the Foo Fighters, it would sound like Golden Grenade”

Michelle Wolfe - The Moose 95.1 fm

“The Grenade is an enigma....they will change your life forever.”

Josh Keehr - The Monthly DAWG