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Tha Reason, reverbnation

"Many blessings your way"

"Golden Voice" Curtis Henderson, reverbnation

"much love bro"

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Slow Moe, reverbnation

"Your the best!!!"

Sourmouth , reverbnation

"Nuff respect family more blessings"

Justice Merchant , Facebook

“Raw Deal Big hug !!!!”

Yeimmy Vargas, Facebook

"It was dope I was feelin it"

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Jorge, Radio Airplay

"Nuff respect Raw Deal"

JoJo Mac , Facebook

"30 stackz & BBK, dropping by 2 show some love...Hot playlist fam...u got dat HEAT...BBK"

BBK, reverbnation

"Yes I good vibration skillfully done!!"

Junior Culture, Facebook

"Loving the sounds fam! Let's stay in touch on Twitter as well. Keep up the dope work fam xx"

Ify Otuya, Reverbnation

"Cool rhymes !"

WOLV, Reverbnation

"What’s Up! Good Music!"

Home Made , Reverbnation

"Hearing the TALENT in your music. Can I network with you?"

Thatz Dat Heat Productions, reverbnation

" Keep Up The Great Work!! "

LeRuz La Rose, reverbnation

"Fantastic work! All the best: D"

Radio Tribe, revebnation

"Cool Track Vibe, Nice Flow, Cool Mix, Nice Work"

YorMajesty Khalifa Ali , reverbnation

"really awesome "

austinkline67 - RadioAirplay.com

"Props for maintaining one of the dopest pages on FB"

Frogger Nelson Neal, Facebook

“Great tune's you have here! Enjoying the listen”

MykoMan , reverbnation

“Loving your page”

The Real Sean Doe Prouctions [Southwest Sector}, reverbnation

“Right on ..jamming talent!”

Hidden Mountain , reverbnation

“Playing your awesome music!!! Peace and Love!!”

La pillos maracas noise , reverbnation

“Top flow and nice all around sound! Glad 2 B a fan! Respect EZ”

EZ-does-it , reverbnaton

“Cool trxs, thanx for the friendship.........Peace Frontline”

Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound , reverbnation

“Dope music keep up the nice work homie #100”

B Freeze , reverbnation

"IN DA CLUB"- enjoyed the listen, GREAT song!! Just shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to listen too! All the best!

Darren Cinque , reverbnation

“Great beats....great rhymes”

Rose and Ben , reverbnation

“NIce rip yo, Keep going hard dogg! -PHD-”

Rob Wright AKA Playa Half Dead , reverbnation

“Thanks for stopping by :) Love the track !!”

Lexi Luca , reverbnation

"In da club" feelin' ya' flow bro! nice work!

aka raunitus , reverbnation

“Love the songs keep it up keep shining”

Azwol Ocee Jubari , reverbnation

“Cool track. Enjoy the music!”

Massimo Ghianda , reverbnation

“thanks for stopping by, great track :)”

Lexxie Luca.,.reverbnation

“You have BIG talent !!!!!! Keep the great work ... !!!!! Cheers... Crystal Camille XOX”

Crystal Camille , reverbnation

“Great sound and beats! Nice job!”

Mario Mendoza , reverbnation

“U got sum great music! Im a fan”

Travion BkLive Lowe , reverbnation

“Thanks for the inspiration! Peace,”

SkyHouse , reverbnation

“Awesome, sounds great keep up the good work, new fan here”

James Holmes, reverbnation

“Loving the sounds here! :)”

Tarsha Jackson , reverbnation

“great music you have keep the success going”

Authentic , reverbnation

“Cool music! ;)”

Amadea , reverbnation

“Shouts out. Respect from Scotland. Easy”

Legion , reverbnation

“Rock On! Awesome music! Peace...”

Silver Knuckle , reverbnation

“we heard in da club and we love it”

LasVegaz, reverbnation

“Whats good? showing luv and support, playing in da club. got a nice sound. peace and blessings”

B. Good , reverbnation

“Great track.”

Sina Lloyd & Buddy Greenfield , reverbnation

“Cool music! ;)”

Amadea , reverbnation

“Thanks for your support! In Da Club is so cool! Love from the barbies”

Barbies of Porn , reverbnation

“Great tunes! Keep it up!... Jeff L.”

Jeff Leonard., reverbnation

“Nice flow!! Love the 90s vibe!! "In Da Club" is awesome!”

April Story, reverbnation

“Great Music!!”

Martha Guthrie , reverbnation

“Rock On! Awesome music! Peace...”

Silver Knuckle , reverbnation

“Nice job on in Da Club. Wish you all the best☆”

Akiko/firebird999 , reverbnation

“Thank you very much for sharing your groove! Take care”

Leila Licks , reverbnation

“Just on looking for great music and Artist , Digg your sound and style keep making that magic Dj Strange, Grown folks”

Grown Folks , reverbnation

“Love the tracks keep up the great work!”

GreatMindInside , reverbnation

“Nice work, keep pushing forward, best wishes. JP”

JP's Attic , reverbnation

“Enjoyed the track..Cheers!!”

Bill Berry , reverbnation

“Cool beat, gets me movin' for sure!”

Kim Guthrie , reverbnation

“Great track love it all the best”

Aboi Doyle , reverbnation


Kuta *Y* , reverbnation

“badass tune...sick beats”

Blackkiss , reverbnation

“rocking tunes and feeling keep up the energetic vibe you rock!!”

David Flow , reverbnation

“Enjoyed listening, keep on groovin!!! Greetings from Bavaria. Best wishes :)”

The Blue Mountain Project , reverbnation

“nice work.. keep it coming!”

Carly , reverbnation

“like that Hypocrite song/video.. its a unique concept and original creativity. keep it up Let's Link UP”

Young C , reverbnation

“Smooth beats!!!”

Vocalatti , reverbnation

“kikkin tune great sound nice vocs /vibe beat well done jeff c/o THE TIMMYYZZZ”

THE TIMMYYZZZ , reverbnation

“Hi Raw Deal. Awesome sounds!”

TU2 , reverbnation

“I like it!!”

Dynasty Entertainment , reverbnation

“Wow!! I love the tone to your voice very sexy! Your are a superstar in the making..never give up your dream and definitely post more tracks...I'm insatiable for more..you are the real deal!! Much Love xoxo”

VinylKitten , reverbnation

“Stopping by to show some love Raw deal. COOL TRACK!!! connect with me on soundcloud, twitter etc if you have them. M.L.F.L emily”

Emily (MuchLoveFromLondon) , reverbnation

“Feeling the vibes in Minneapolis!”

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Great tune! .. Very Enjoyable!”

Overnight Collides , reverbnation

“Cool sh*t homie. Keep grindin, -SAMOCAN”

SAMOCAN , reverbnation

“Good track i feel you all the best”

Aboi Doyle , reverbnation

“Keep doing your thang I like the message.”

C.O. Piscapo , reverbnation

“rad old school vibe. love the timps”

Kraig , reverbnation

“In Da CLub kicks butt”

Duane Slater , reverbnation

“Thanks for the friendship Raw Deal. Cool beats in "In Da Club".”

Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society , reverbnation

“In Da Club and the video are great!! Keep 'em comin' at us!! Wishing you all the Best!!”

Fran Schultz , reverbnation

“Listening to In Da Club, can't wait to hear more!”

MellaMusic , reverbnation

“much respect and support fam”

Andre (The Artist) Lamarr , reverbnation

“Great music. You are so very talented!”

Shella Ann , reverbnation

“Dope music, keep it up”

StevieNickENT , reverbnation

“:)Wow Awesome Passion and vibe,I love the concept and the spirit,Well crafted music”

Irina , reverbnation

“Thanks for fanning me Raw Deal Nice Track by the way!!”

Sugar Lump , reverbnation

“GOOD MUSIC!! I'm a fan...fan me back & lets network”

C. Hustle , reverbnation

“Nice work... All the best...”

Vallyre, reverbnation

“Great vocals! Great sound! Best Regards~ J.O.A. ”

J.O.A., Reverbnation

“Wishing much success with your music. greetings Valencia, DJA”

DJ Antonio, reverbnation

“nice sound old school new school ayeeee”

VILL, Reverbnation

“Welcome to Mass Muzsick! Thank you for the Luv!!”

Raw Deal, Golden Gates Entertaiment

“Keep doing ya thing! Luv!”

ABHUNIT, Reverbnation

“Great beats and lyrics! I enjoyed listening to your song”

Priscilla Jones, Reverbnation

“Yea man ima hit yuh up. Working on a project too so we gotta link up. @mrgblaze”

Mr. GBlaze

“Dope ass flow my dude”

Grimy D Beats

“Hey thankz for fannin me! I thought u were jammin so I fanned u back!”

MzBehavin A.K.A. Peaches

“Really dig your stuff, you have serious talent. Let's link up and network! ”

The Django Riders

“Oh Hell yeah, "Raw Deal" real talk...Ya dig... And tell em The U Digsta said so..”

Diamond Z the U Digsta

“I checked out the page . The track I heard sounded great !!”

Kenny Lewis @mixedemt

“Flexx FM Interview with Raw Deal The Future”