Going After Zen / Press

“MONSTER LOOP: The other artists with multiple songs in your list, ‘Going after Zen‘ aka Chris Hirons – any comments you want to add? Seth: I have a comment. ‘Going after Zen‘ – Chris Hirons you say? (yes) He is super smooth – very polished, incredibly talented – it’s obvious. It’s pretty flawless, his work. It’s also very interesting and gets better the more you hear it. He’s a pro, pure and simple.”

“About Never be afraid to die.....Great combination of synth work and funky funky beats and sounds in this one. With Jesus' inspirational message enclosed! Yes this is some inspirational funky groovy ambient work! This is my 5th time seeing/hearing and judging this one - its great!”

“YES!!!! Thank you! I have been dying to get your music for my iPod. Now, this!!!!! You guys are awesome, and your music definitely is the perfect companion for when I use my vaporizer!!!!!”

“Welcome to the Phile again for a Tuesday. So, do you all have Obama Fever? Anyway, we'll talk about that on Friday. Today we have an interview with Chris Hirons from Going After Zen, a very cool band. So, here's Chris.”

“Tantric Templars........ "Best track is Going After Zen's, Tantric Templars and I wouldn't want to put anyone off that one”

“GEEZ dude! coming from a guitarist beginning to experiment with live overdubs and looping - I feel like there is alot to learn from here! very melodic, trans-like circles. VERY nice.”

“Dude your one talented artist ,,,you have done awesome thing with loops ,,Thumbs up ,,,,God bless your socks off dude”

“hey great tunes nice work”

"Your music is Trippy and Satisfying. no need for that special paper. i like."

“love your music . . . very unique! Great composition, instrumentation, and execution”

“this is SWEET, I love the sounds you have going on, this is very cool! good luck ”

“Tantric Templars........ What a fresh sound!!! This track is indeed a force to be reckoned with!!”

“i’m really very impressed! loved to death your awesome alternative experimental stuff, guys!! wonderful songs, great energy, you're very talented indeed! and i mean it! I would like to play you!!”

"Thanks for the creation of music with such depth and soul as deep as the deepest oceans vast as the Universe.

“Tantric Templars :::: Layers of trippy, eastern influenced sounds loop and swirl over a steady pulsing beat. It’s hypnotic and pretty damn cool actually! ”

“Going After Zen or GAZ to give it its abbreviated name is the solo pseudonym of a certain Chris Hirons who it seems has a fondness for the crafting of looped grooved progressively psychedelic mantras.............”

“Fantastic music simply mind expanding love the play with spatial space and time. After listening to your music and when the song "Pulsaris" came on I new I heard the song on a College station...........”

“I sparked up a fattie.... Threw some bubble in the tube and sat down for a listen..... I love your sonic soundscapes... I find your music to be powerful as well as delicate.... Somewhat of an audio orgasmic experience to say the least.... I really needed that.... Thanks, mike" ”