Goh Nakamura / Press

“...there are songs here that I wish were meadows, so I could lie in them all day. I've racked up quite a playcount for "Somewhere," "Suitcase," "Sarah Rose," and "Section of Sky," and there are a couple more I'm eyeing in a friendly manner. Consider this a strong recommendation for your iPods.”

“...Like Neil Finn gone broke or a male version of Mary Lou Lord, Nakamura could be a patron saint for lonely code warriors with good record collections...”

"A guy with a PC and a guitar (and a boatload of effects pedals I hear) making delightful music. It's like coffee spot folk music, but with a sense of humor and an undercurrent of romance. Lots of catchy little love songs on his debut."

“..."smart," "soaring" (as in melodies), and "significant" (as in talent)... Nakamura is not a fleeting flavor: Ulysses (self-released) has wings.”