Godsize / Press

“GODSIZE - Stourbridges GODSIZE have been spilling blood for a few years now.With an eclectic brand of sludge a’ rolla doom laden core,these guys will get those heads a nodding in no time.Currently promoting the debut album ’Hymns For The Fallen’ recently released on Meltdown Records.This is the band of the moment,this is the album of the fucking decade………….”

“with such wonderfully evocative titles as "hate fuelled abuse" and the frankly superb "beer slag", stourbridge’s godsize are clearly not interested in becoming the next opeth. however, what "hymns ..." might lack in subtlety it more than makes up for in sheer ballsy, no-nonsense, sludge mayhem. lurching out of the speakers like the bastard love-chiild of raging speedhorn and crowbar with the vocal delivery of early will haven, tracks like "pure agression" splice together the fuzzed out, all-encompassing heaviness of doom with hardcores irrepresible sense of purpose to produce a somewhat compelling beefcake-groove-fest that demands to be heard. unfortunately you can shake the feeling that theres still a little something missing, and it all comes down to attitude. yeah sure, everything is where it should be, but perhaps thats the problem. with its neat production and proficient execution”

Terrorizer Magazine

“Godsze - Hymns for the Fallen (3 ks) Ugly in-your-face sounds, West Midlands Style. DIRTY RIFFING, frantic drumming and a whole load of snarly aggro does not make a pleasant racket but it’s a damn fun one. Classifying themselves as "beer fueled metal fury", this Stourbridge mob border on Hope Conspiracy-style hardcore in places while clearly remaining true to their heritage with a hefty dose of Sabbath-style riffs seething throgh their din. It ain’t big and it ain’t clever, but there’s a ragged intensity to it that compensates for the less then stellar production. Titles like Hate Fueled Abuse make it clear where they are coming from, and theres something amusingly infectious about the whole thing. Download -Beer Slag For fans of - Viking SKull and Raging Speedhorn. ”

Kerrang Magazine