God's Anointed Soldiers / Press

“Reviewed by Steve Hayes Here in the Western world we are increasingly fighting an open war against the dark spiritual forces who oppose Jesus and the Bible. Uptown and King Dave from Kansas City, Missouri constitute God's Anointed Soldiers. They bring their battle cry for all God's soldiers to "man up. . . and stand up." Right from the start the rappers confront some of the social issue battles head-on. In "It's War" we are reminded of the Enemy who is waging war against the Spirit of God in us. There's no lack of Biblical focus and storytelling ("Brag On Em") while their mid-dirty sound keeps the head-nodding and beats pumping. Nevertheless, beats vary throughout and include the electronic "Riding Wit Da Boss" through to the more rolling "song" styled "Pure Love". "This Is" brings a personal feel as we travel through a personal "prodigal" testimony ("this is my story, giving him glory. . .") with a challenge for the listener to meet with God.”

“Not only do G.A.S from Kansas City do alternative hip-hop music with a strong Midwest and dirty south emphasis, they also encourage their listeners to choose the real alternative - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here you get 18 tracks of Midwest-dirty south crossover beats. In a sense 'The Alternative' is both a hip-hop and a teaching project. Vocal hooks and music are fused together with unique melodies as on tracks like "The Witnesses" and "The Kosmos". This is an album that grows on you as you play through. The beats and sounds have a unique edge and don't overload you with sound, instead the minimalist approach allowing the lyrics to cut through. "Adams Case" looking at the consequences of Adam's sin and "God Forbid" (standing strong against sin) having a low sub bass kick compared to the bass intensive yet chilled "Cry Out" encouraging people to pray to see God's will done. Other tracks are synth heavy like "Excuse Me", contrasting with the more gentle musical hook on "Water Reign". ”

"The Alternative" 3.5 out of 4 stars, "Banging Hip-Hop joints definately gets your attention. Nice flow and great lyrics. Finally! A Holy Hip-Hop group that really brings it! A lot of artist(who aren't that good to begin with)try Christian music and think it's okay to be lackadaisical, thinking people will still listen to it just because it's Christian music. God's Anointed Soldiers are one of the best at it. Certainly recommend!"