God Made Robots / Press

"Experimental art rock" inspired by the low-fi (Guided by Voices) and many-layered (The Flaming Lips)

“Indianapolis based, God Made Robots opens the show. They are not an all-woman band, but they have s.Jane Mills, and she’s worth at least three women.”

“God Made Robots combines former members of Extra Blue Kind and the Confidential into a tight three-piece rock outfit. Their sound draws from indie rock and pop influences, and their songs combine just the right amounts of loud guitars and charming tunefulness.”

“If you dig dark new wave like The Prids or Echo and the Bunnymen, this band needs to be on your "must see" list.”

“God Made Robots create a pop/rock sound reminiscent of '80s new wave rock acts.”

Indy.com Weekly

“I look forward to seeing them again.”