Gnarly Slur / Press

“I dig the vocals.You have some really great sounds that are beyond the scope of your typical hard rock band.”

edjgraphix - unsignedbandweb.com

“Musically they are very tight with some great drums which propel the songs forward. You can also feel an atmosphere/dimension in the songs which gives them more character. The vocals and lyrics seem to fit what you are going for,”

SonnySmith - unsignedbandweb.com

“Songs sound as if you guys really planned out the structure of the song,with so many changes, this is what kept me listening, to see what might be coming next...... Overall good job on the music and lyrics.”

gunner - unsignedbandweb.com

“The whole experience is full of variety and textures that don't wear out the attention.There's a real desire in your songs to avoid the obvious (in the lyrics and the music) and the shifts between the parts (verse / chorus / bridge) show variety, coherence and control”

Trentham - Unsignedbandweb.com