Glyphic / Press

"Glyphic is one of, if not, the best unsigned rock band(s) I have heard out of Denver yet. Glyphic is a prototypical rock band. They are the band that your rock band should sound like. I guess it is time to start studying up."

"Denver’s Glyphic should take a really good look at the parking lot of Mile High Stadium the next time they drive past it on I-25.That lot might seem foreign to them now, but soon enough they might end up there, playing for something like the Van’s Warped Tour."

Brian F. Johnson - The Marquee Magazine

"Possessing the edge that's required to truly be considered rock in the sea of pre-fabricated pop-punk that's out there today, Glyphic's sound is as original as it is solid."

Tory Reade - Urbane Magazine