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““Don’t miss the Glostik Willy late night set on Saturday Night/Sunday morning,” noted Grand Haven, MI, native Zachary Burns, a three-year vet of the Werk Out."”

"The originators of “Hippie Metal,” Glostik Willy truly knows how to shred. Making their fifth Werk Out appearance, the Indiana trio has built up a huge fan base in the area that rages front row to every song, from afternoon shows to sets that stretch until very early in the morning. Performing an afternoon Side Stage set as well as a Big Tent show that will most likely go until the sun comes up, bring out your devil horns for both of these blistering displays of rock n’ roll power."

"Glostik Willy is another band I had not seen before. And I would say I was unprepared for the astounding SAF performance that was about to unfold. This is a hard rock trio who has no idea what the terms, slow down, pause, stop and take a breather mean. Because they didn’t. Their scorching hot opener led into an awesome cover of “Black Sabbath.” All three players were superb. Drummer Ralf Mowf was relentless, Bradford just wouldn’t quit shredding, and the bass player (Zach “Buddha” Aguilar) was in destructo-mode. It was “sick as funk,” for certain."

"Festival hosts Glostik Willy took the stage, and immediately proceeded in melting the collective faces off of the raucous crowd gathered in the mosh-pit in front of the stage."

“What emerging band or artists should our readers watch out for in 2015? - "I think Glostik Willy is one that is not only unique and talented, but they’re great guys too." - Dave Katz, əkoostik hookah”

"A power trio setup. I wondered what they would sound like. Suddenly, SOUND! Full-bodied in-your-face power trio aggression. The first song took me by surprise as I settled in to understand what was going on."

"My highlight was seeing Steve Sweney and Dave Katz join Glostik Willy for what was dubbed Ekoostik Willy"

“Glostik Willy, had a unique way of getting acquainted. “Glostik Willy is a band that plugged into our friends’ bus last year and played in the parking lot all night,” told Houser. “That was something that made them stick out to us.””

“Glostik Willy is a diverse 3-piece band straight out of Indiana, making a statement on the scene. With Jameson Bradford on guitar, Buddha Aguilar on bass, and Ralf Mowf on drums, this band is unstoppable. This progressive infused funk rock band is sure to make heads turn everywhere they go.”

“If the road is the mecca for musicians, then glostik has seen the light. The men who returned from their summer of hard work were not the boys who left. They have seen the burning bush and said, "Make Music."”

Mike Martin, Docs Music Hall/FM Music Live

“In a daring act of guerrilla rock-fare, renegade band Glostik Willy generated some late-night after-tunes at a remote wooded campground. How long will their rampage of rage last? Time can only tell...”

Andy McGlothlin - Independent Photographer

“Get your Glostik on with this hard rockin' smooth groovin' group of cats out of the heart of Indiana. Glostik Willy can keep you moving for an entire night with their infectious originals and clever reworking of some jam classics. Nothing like hearing a band play with energy and enthusiasm for any size crowd, Glostik Willy can fill a room with glorious sound till the sun comes up”

Whitney Lewis - Be Here Now (Muncie, IN)

“Glostik Willy from Muncie, Indiana was another band that caught my ear. This band is a good old, down and dirty rock and roll machine. These guys blew me away, and for good reason; the thumping bass and ruthless guitar riffs rocked the caverns. No one was sleeping during their set I guarantee!!”

Buckeye Music Magazine - Glostik WIlly at The Werkout 2011