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“Gloryfall is a Pinoy Christian band composed of three vocalists fronting a complement of three guitarists, a keyboardist and a drummer. The band pays homage to the greatness of God and Jesus Christ contrary to the doom and gloom of organized religion. They sing not about the fall of man but rather about the miracle of lives devoted in praising His name and in the service of their fellowmen. The group delivers its message of hope and love in the vernacular of contemporary indie-pop. Vibrant tracks like “Grace Abounds” and “The Good God” move the soul with their rousing choruses bolstered by propulsive rhythms. “Be Lifted High” is a breezy number whose main appeal lay in its infectious refrain and ear-friendly ringing guitars. Sentimental ballads such as “I Cry Jesus” and “Believe” attain minor rapture via the angelic croon of the female singers. Musically, something about “Call Your Name” reminds of the soft side of ‘70s Rod Stewart...”

“Knowing that the lives of these eight individuals were not the same as when they started working on this album tells you that God has, indeed, moved His hand. We can sing songs of worship all day long and read Bible passages every single day, but our lives and how we speak of it will be the real manifestation of God's glory. On this album, the band didn't just play songs or recorded tunes, you have read how they spoke of how God brought them through from start to finish. The songs didn't magically come out while on a luxurious vacation or a song writing class. The songs came to them during a quiet time on a simple day. This tells you that a song of worship and gratefulness can come any time of the day, at any place, and to anyone.”

“The band’s sixth album since forming in 2008, Be Glorified marks a giant leap forward in the band’s studio work. From start to finish Gloryfall fans will enjoy their most polished album to date; beautiful melodies, gifted instrumentation, excellent production and a consistent tone of praise and adoration throughout make for an incredible listening and worship experience.”

“Gloryfall is a band that I heard a few years ago and then again recently. They have progressed tremendously. I really like it when an artist keeps honing in on their talents, thus honoring God with great artistry. Gloryfall has a contemporary sound mixed with alternative and electronica.”

“The gloryfall team is dedicated to bringing true worship back to the body of Christ. Through Biblical mentorship and musical training, gloryfall is making a difference!”

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