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“Although it rains on London Town I know today I won't feel down Cause your music makes me bright and sunny and one day soon will make you money! (It's Wednesday Poetry ...”

“Mark Javorka with No... I made the right Choice this monday morning ! Wow, great musicianship going on here !”

Mark Javorka - ReverbNation

“Love it Gloria! Keep rocking. & thanks for all your help buying Sibelius at Best Buy today :)”

Bekah Greenman - ReverbNation

“Getting another Tuesday twitch for your tasty tuneage to satisfy my musical munchies. Don't Bogart those beats!!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Thanks a lot for the friendship! Wonderful voice and performances! Most enjoy listening to your tracks! Wish you all the best!”

LPB band - ReverbNation

“loving it - passion, quality playing, superb voice and great production!”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment - ReverbNation

“Thank you for becoming a fan!! Love the Vibe of your music GREAT JOB!! ”

Mike Brennan - via ReverbNation

“ Rob here..stopped by to say hi. playin' "Still got the blues"... Now! Awesome!”

PROMIZE™ - PROMIZE™ - Alternative

“ASHLAND — Thursday and Friday will be days for homeless people in the area to connect with agencies and organizations that might be able to help, as well as providing those who’ve never had to live without shelter and resources perspective about the challenges faced by those without a place to call home. The second annual “Night Without a Home” in the parking lot behind First Christian Church will give people some idea of what it is like to be without shelter or resources. Sivis said participants will have a fire in a barrel, and little else, to help them cope with overnight conditions. Entertainment will be provided by Gloria “Glo” Smith and a midnight candle vigil will be accompanied by music performed by Keith and Rachel Dixon as well as Pastor Keith Adkins of Outkast Ministries.”

“ Still got the blues! Astonishing... Wish you the best of success! - Joo Quen”

Joo Quen - Hip Hop / R&B / Alternative - via ReverbNation

“ Exception style and execution there Glo, I’m lovin' your tunes, easy on the ears. Chrome Plated Heart – Angels Would Fall – sweet as a ripe nectarine! Love it!”

Keyvo Tepes - Rock - via ReverbNation

“ Nice tracks!”

Eleni Mylona - Jazz / Breakbeat / World - via ReverbNation

“ G'day, Thanks for visiting my page. Keep up the great work. I wish you all the best with your music. Cheers :”

Sharon Smith - Country / Australian Bush Ballad / Traditional - via ReverbNation

“ I'm cavorting about today, looking for tunes to pick me up, shake me down and inspire me with great new ideas...thank crikey I got you loaded on my playlist..your music ticks all my boxes. Have a suitably creative and productive day yourself!”

MikeWhitePresents - Electronica / House / Progressive House - via ReverbNation


ABOI DOYLE - Pop / R&B - via ReverbNation

“ I'm thinking Gary Moore would be very impressed with "Still Got the Blues" ! I know I am ! Well Done!”

Jeffrey Whitman - Blues / Jazz / Americana - via ReverbNation

“ Nice tracks! Going to like you on fb too! Sophi from Houston”

Sophi - Pop - via ReverbNation

“ Gloria, I hear some nice tracks on your page, you really got it. Keep these tunes coming. Reinhard”

Reinhard Tesch - Rock / Pop / Singer/Songwriter - via ReverbNation

“I had such a fantastic time the first time I heard these tunes that i'm back today for more. Wicked good work!”

MikeWhitePresents - Electronica / House / Progressive House - via ReverbNation

“You are amazing, Simply amazing...Peace and Love always”

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr. - Jazz - via ReverbNation

“Great Stuff!! love your work..love from Indonesia!”

ORANGE BLUES BAND - Blues / Rock / Soul / Psychedelic - via ReverbNation

“Hi Glo * amazing vocals & beautiful soulful music! "Still Got the Blues " we can all relate! cheers from so. fla * Patricia :)xo”

Ecologyngle - Other / PIPOP/NEW RAGE - via ReverbNation

“Ooo Ain't no Sunshine! Mm! Mm! GOOD!”

Chrissy...Unfolding - Jazz / Smooth Jazz / Adult Contemporary - via ReverbNation

“Stopping by with some support!! Much love! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - R&B/Soul / Urban Pop - via ReverbNation

“Ima fan and loving the music please chech me out and tell me what you think. Keep up the good music!!!!”

Diego - Hip Hop - via ReverbNation

“Great Blues...back for more!”

James Ferris - Blues / Rock / Country - via ReverbNation

“Awesome Music!!”

Jeff Mercier - Alternative / Alternative Rock / Singer/Songwriter - via ReverbNation

“... your music reminds me of those great singers of the 60s and 70s: Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Carole King and Joni Mitchell. You're writing a song? I can't wait...”

tiny Blake - Blues / Rock / Folk - via ReverbNation

“I love your voice! Still got the blues is a great version but my favorite is Landslide. I put it on my list.”

tiny Blake - Blues / Rock / Folk - via ReverbNation

“excellent vocals :) thanks for sharing the music :) real ear candy :) i love it :)”

magic marker - Rock - via ReverbNation

“ what a strong, beautifully nuanced voice you have..it's incredible that in the past 48 hours on RN i've heard 4 seperate covers of "without you" but yours is by far the most interesting..very distinctive and not trying to imitate the rockier elements of the original, you gone for a richer, more lush orchestral approach which works perfectly..also adore your bonnie raitt cover.."can't make me love you" is just sublime. What a talent you have!!”

MikeWhitePresents - Electronica / House / Progressive House - via ReverbNation

“hey there! lovin the page, great music, keep up the good work! and hey i just fanned and followed you on twitter, please return the favor!! :D God Bless xoxo”

Danielle Dante "Dani Dante" - Pop - via ReverbNation

“Really like your voice and songs”

Ed Hance - Americana / Acoustic Roots - via ReverbNation

"Still got the Blues" Lady , I love this song. this song is one i will play over and over again. it is one of my favs and I am posting you on my Facebook

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr. - Jazz - via ReverbNation

“Hot milf with a sexy voice”

Long John Slider - Aberdeen, UK - via ReverbNation


Dee Solo Artist - Rock / Crossover / Southern - via ReverbNation

“Fabulous rendition of "HERE WITHOUT YOU". You really put your heart into your music. I love that! ~KC”

KC Daleigh - Singer Songwriter / Easy Listening/Early Rock/Gospel/Bluegrass - via ReverbNation

“Great stuff! JM”

John Moukarzel - Alternative / Pop / Electronica - via ReverbNation

“outstanding, keep up the great work”

second journey - Pop / soul / rock - via ReverbNation

“Glo!! What a voice!! I LIKE!”

Christine McHoes - Christian/Gospel / Including some jazz, blues, country, rock - via ReverbNation

“nice work”

mandy lynette - Country - via ReverbNation

"Still Got The Blues" "Here Without You" "Empty Rooms" "Love Songs".... are alll incredible. Im very impressed with your Style and your Production. You are most definitely Hotttt..

"BADD INFLUINZ" Feat. MR. DARKE $CIDE - Hip Hop / Rap / R & B / Pop - via ReverbNation

“BLUES UP!!! BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!BLUES UP!!!...i love that song! check my songs out and drop your comments. www.reverbnation.com/tigerflame”

tiger flame - Hip Hop / dancehall - via ReverbNation

“Thanks for finding me! Nice vocals! Beautiful work on the cover Here Without You!”

Di Lee - Indie / Soft Rock/ Funky Pop/Contemporary Soulful Music - via ReverbNation

“Yo thanks we fan ya...LitComp in yo trunk. Come see us”

Literal Complication - Alternative / Hip Hop - via ReverbNation

“I sure can see why you're burning up that guitar Gloria... you can really sing the blues... you are smoking hot... great vocals powerful delivery...”

Bonnie McGill - Country / singer/songwriter - via ReverbNation


Richard Johnston Music - Rock / Freestyle / Blues - via ReverbNation

“Simply irresistible.”

Joesf Glaude and James Ruggles - Classical / New Age / Acoustic - via ReverbNation

“AMAZING both vocally and musically on STILL GOT THE BLUES :-))))))”

The Bones Martyn Band - Blues / Classic Rock / Acoustic Rock - via ReverbNation

“I like your interpretation and your voice very much :o)”

Retinnio - Electronica / Ambient, World / Trip Hop - via ReverbNation

“I very much enjoyed your music and wish you the best in all that you do.blue”

Cuban Conection Ent. - Hip Hop / Rap / Reggaeton - via ReverbNation


THE MADD FELON/IT'Z WHATEVA ENT. - Hip Hop / RAP - via ReverbNation

“Awesome music! Good luck on RN I'm Shelby”

PROMIZE™ - Alternative - via ReverbNation

“Thank you for becoming a fan and friend here. Hope you get a chance to stop by often. Always feel free to leave a comment or just say Hi! Wishing you the best in all that you do. Thanks again ~ Allison”

Allison Janisse - Country - via ReverbNation

“Very good tune”

Maxlink AkA Dark Angel - Pop / Hip Hop / HipHop/DarkPop - via ReverbNation


Richard Johnston Music - Rock / Freestyle / Blues - via ReverbNation

“cool vox !!! Gloria !!”

BEIGE FISH - Blues / Roots / Slide Guitar - via ReverbNation

“Thank you for your kindness and encouragement! I love your voice and your music! Best of luck in everything you do. David”

dctanner - Blues / Rock/Fusion / Latin - via ReverbNation

“Love your Blues Gloria. Thanks for the music. Danny Z”

Danny Zimmerman & Honest Labor - Country / Accoustic / Bluegrass - via ReverbNation

“glad to discover your music!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard - R&B/Soul / Urban Pop - via ReverbNation

“Very Soulful! Sounds good!”

M87 - Rock / Alternative / Blues / Psychedelia - via ReverbNation

“You have an awesome voice!!! Way over Yonder has such a nice laid back feel too. Rob.”

Rob Stokes - Blues / Rock / Instrumental - via ReverbNation

“Cool tunes!!!”

Jay P. Williams - Country / Alt.Country / Folk Rock - via ReverbNation

“Hi Gloria! Found you on Rick Hall's page! Wanted to stop by and say hello and listen to some tunes! Very nice work!! So nice to meet you!”

Linda Marlowe - Singer Songwriter / Pop / Country Rock - via ReverbNation

“great voice Gloria! nice to meet you. all the best, Marco”

Marco Maenza - Blues / Rock / Solo-Artist - via ReverbNation

“love the videos. good voice, well done”

Paul Refici - Blues / soft rock, origionals / blues - via ReverbNation

“very good music.Luc”

Luc Roberge - Alternative / Progressive Rock / Instrumental - via ReverbNation

“Very nice vocals Great music.”

Cold blue - Alternative / Pop / Hip Hop - via ReverbNation

“Keep up the good work Gloria. Thank you for your support.”

Voni Crist - Blues / Jazz / Pop - via ReverbNation

“Sound very interesting and beautiful voice, congratulations! B R A V A ! Carlo Audino.”

Carlo Audino - Pop / Pop Rock - via ReverbNation

“Howdy Neighbor.... West Liberty Kentucky.... Sounding awesome love them Blues.... Jamie”

Jamie White - Blues / R&B / Soul - via ReverbNation

“Hott !!!! Welcome to my world..... Glad to be a part of yours.... If you get a chance come check out my music..... I promise you wont be dissapointed..... Peace....”

Arcyn AL - Hip Hop / Indie Rock / Alternative Rockck - via ReverbNation

“Terrific tracks…Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your page. Continue to make great music and much success on REVERBNATION and beyond…Pat B”

Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter - Pop / Powerpop / Alternative Rock - via ReverbNation

“Howdy Neighbor.... West Liberty Kentucky.... Sounding awesome love them Blues.... Jamie”

Jamie White - Blues / R&B / Soul - via ReverbNation

“Terrific tracks…Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your page. Continue to make great music and much success on REVERBNATION and beyond…Pat B”

Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter - Pop / Powerpop / Alternative Rock - via ReverbNation

“Hi Gloria Smith, I'm glad that ReverbNation turned IMRadio on to you. www.IMRadio.com”

IMRadio - Chicago, IL - via ReverbNation

“Your songs are beautiful. Totally enjoying your style and you've got a great voice. Your delivery fits perfectly. Very emotional!”

FRITZ - Rock / Rock / Folk Rock - via ReverbNation

“My husband and I enjoy your music so much. It has a deffinant distinction even if it a cover of another song.”

Jennifer Ward - viaReverbNation

“I did enjoy the music because it was different than anything I've ever heard before. It's a unique voice, it was absolutely beautiful to me. The song "When I Cry" was wonderful and inspiring. I think a lot of times when we are going through tough times and feel like we don't have anyone or we can't talk to anyone at that moment there's always someone there for us and I think alot of people would be able to cope better when they experience difficult times in their lives if they remember that. Gloria keep up the good work.”

love1234 - via ReverbNation

“great music”

tyann - via ReverbNation

“Gloria, your music is so refreshing. Its about time we get an artist that is as relaxing and inspirational as you are. I love you. Please do not stop singing.”

Russell_Corp - via ReverbNation

“Great female tenor voice. Not many women with that low range can pull it off. Glo does. I have only met one other in my life. ”

Mark R. Adams - via ReverbNation

“I love her! ”

Pink Toes - via ReverbNation

“Beautiful music Gloria, may God bless, Derrick!!!”

Derrick Paolo Teta guitarist composer - Classical / Solo guitar / Ambient - via ReverbNation

“Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers: Wow - you sure brightened up a damp morning! …:: Respect from the Boogie Bros in Scotland :: ”

via ReverbNation

“We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! You are now a featured Artist! Peace, Veronica”

“Sunday’s music festival at B.F. Crager Community Park may have been called a Blues Jam, but much more than just the blues was played.”

“Organizer Gloria Glo Smith said those attending the all-day event are asked to bring a monetary donation or a non-perishable food donation to be given to the 20-year-old organization that has distributed more than 4 million pounds of food in the Tri-State.”

“Flatwoods event to benefit River Cities Harvest”