Global Affront / Press

“There’s something about the Global Affront sound that is addictive, like a drug. Most of it is upbeat and energetic, making it perfect kick-ass punk rock, which is really good to crank up in the car and piss people off with!”

“When Global Affront hits the stage with their middle fingers in the air and their profanity-meters set to high, you can expect the crowd to lose their minds and descend into absolute chaos like back in the good old days.”

“The fans of Global Affront were energetic and passionate about the music genre, it is like they look up to them, they participated onstage, danced, twirled and jumped around, and connected with the singer and the musicians as if there were no barriers between them. What I loved was the interaction between the fans and the musicians which was deeply experienced and full of fun and freedom.”

Liliana Duarte

“Shooting to bring back the Bay Area punk scene, Global Affront from San Francisco smashes and snarls their crowd away every show.”

“They are part of a new future for punk-rock as a genre. Overall, if you like this style of music, you really can’t go wrong here. It’s the sound of thundering guitars and basses, energetic drums and raging vocals.”