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“Ra-Daze Ltd. has become an institution spanning 4 decades with more that 50 musicians and singers. Indefinable, Ra-Daze can't be labeled but must continue to be heard. Ra-Daze is a myriad of concepts engaging all members of the musical community not to exclude the ancient masters of African edenic past. Detailing every genre from Aardvark to Zygote. Hitting all categories combining charts from Billboard to Soundscan. Pay attention cause Ra-Daze Ltd. will change conceptually from week to week reaching out to all friends and neighbors worldwide. If you want some....just ask. We iz outtathebox. streetwize baybay ”

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“Hear all of GL Moody's latest compositions on IMRadio with the newest release "Creep". Go to the iTunes store and purchase the total packages "The Best of GL Moody and :"The Ultimate Collection". LIsten to the most unique, funky, and lyrically delicious music on the Planet.”

Gary L. Moody - RaDaZe Presents