Glen Raphael / Press

“Glen Raphael is goddamn hilarious!”

“Clever lyrics, singable melodies, excellent guitar skills: love this CD!”

Jen Carlson Midkiff - OVFF

"Glen Raphael, is a singer/songwriter extraordinaire! His satiric folksongs are both comic and touching!"

“Glen's songs are unique and hilarious.”

Nicole Dieker - Hello, The Future

"Lyrics and rhymes are smart and very appealing. Simple, clear, musical, and poetic."

"Glen Raphael isn't boring, even if you think love songs are."

"I like this one - it's subtle and sweet, without getting all drippy on your shirt."

"He's starting to really grow as a singer/songwriter."

"You are so frickkin awesome! I don't even know what to say ..."

"I love the variety in your songs while keeping the same love and humor that makes it distinctly Glen."

"You had, like, ten clever things in that song and I was all like, woah!"

Audience member at R Bar