Glen Cannon / Press

“Yea man, No Fire is definitely FIRE and you get nothin' but love for blessing us with that Beatles track!! Excellent lyricism Glen Cannon, you have a new fan here kid, keep...”


“Very Impressive Work, Liked that song "Lonely People" Keep it pushing!”


“nice work!!! Nice flow. keep your thing going!!!”


“just heard "no fire" tight flow lyrical keep it coming”

John Ca$h

“Nice flow and style. Keep doing great things.”

Dale J. Evans

“Great style. nice to see so much talent in the Gainesville area”

TJ Converse

“Nice style, and great music.”


“Glen... Im speechless bro! Lonely people too hot! When you know people in S.A(South Africa) jamming to your music, its hot”

Malwandla "Mawi" Hlekane

“Hot, HOt,Hot!. I can tell u put work into this track”


“This mans a beast!!! Undisputed recommends u bump glen cannon's shit! ”

Dat Kid Undisputed

“To Be Completely Honest I Thought I Was About To Hear Some Bad Music But Instead I Heard The Future Of Music. Keep Pushing Fam/Nice Sound”

A.Till(Mr.Sleepless Nights)

“Out of the 2 million artist that are on here you definitely stand out!!! Keep it 100”


“Very impressed. The material here is motivational.”


“loving the music keep um rolling”

Dj George Francis

“You got that reality muzik I definitely respect it fam”

"FG" Manuel (Billion Beats Productions):

“This go a long way sum good work put in, props from 3rd degree....”

3rd Degree

“Nice Work, Got My U.K. LOVE,...”

Charleena ♬ R&B/Pop

“Word up, a breat of fresh air with your talent!”

syncroNICE aKa Gabino Grhymes:

“amazing ... Your tracks show that u r passionate about what u do”


“yo fam thats offical we need more real artists in the game i like u speak the truth real talk ”


“Your tracks are a refreshing change from the same ol that I usually hear on here..”

Gabriel Holland

“Keep perfecting what you doin and be you. I like what you doin.”

Dizzy D Flashy

“diggin' what we're hearing...very original & authentic sound...hip hop needs more of it!”

Loose Cannons

“man this guys music is a destination! ”

Bayside Forest

“u a talented dude, have a unique real unique sound..especially coming out of Florida..much respect bro. ”

GodSon Cozz

“Showin love from new jersey ya music is time less…Creativity will carry u along way…Them first two tracks ("lonely people" & "anywhere") go hard..Keep pushin we fuks wit ya... ”

Large Amount Boyz

“yow your songs have billboard topping potential trust me. nuff respect from Jamaica”

Chana-b on myspace

“I am feeling the music fam.. dam you off the chain the best i have heard so far we should colab ”


“Rip it up. Keepin it real. Like the material, honest, sincere, it's time to put it on the line. Cannon Rocks.”

mr LP

“ive downloaded your song.. ur rapping is so real. and your theme in ur song is great...”

The Unduwon

“Nice Tracks keep it up!!”

Imperial Ambitions

“I fux wit it... allday”

Don E Goods