Gleasons Drift / Press

“Appealing, ragged rockers in the mode of a twangier Replacements.”

Metropulse, Knoxville, TN, July 2011

“Power-pop isn’t solely the purview of city slickers in skinny ties. The members of Gleasons Drift are more beard-and-flannel types, so it’s fitting that on their third album they deliver big riffs and bigger melodies with a backwoods twang befitting their native Pottsville, Pa. At their catchiest the songs recall ’70s-era NRBQ. When frontman Bill Whalen really gets going, singing about marital upheavals or excessive drinking with folksy humor and hints of sadness, he proves as potent a songwriter as the similarly oriented Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers. This hayride of an album is an easy sell: Come for the hooks, stay for the jokes, savor the stories.”

“Gleasons Drift is a band all about keeping the spirit of rock’n’roll alive, which is done artfully on the new album Blythe Township Mellencamp. It’s rock/americana with hints of country; a convergence of light-hearted barroom music with a strong focus on harmony and catchy hooks. Their clever lyrics are strung together over eleven diverse tracks, bouncing between southern blues, pop, punk and garage rock, bringing a new flavor into each song. The diverse mix of influences throughout the album keeps it interesting, letting the listener breathe it all in without being suffocated by one musical style. It’s fresh and on-the-move, slowing down and picking up like a kid with ADD. But it has a consistency and a shape to it that is well structured and organized. It’s nice to hear a solid, honest band whose personality is audible and whose hard work and wide musical appreciation is apparent on every track. ”

“This band is one of my favorites, full of some catchy, solid rock tunes. ”

Indiepages.com September 2005

““Rock 'n' roll's everyman spirit is alive and well in this no-frills quartet from rural Pennsylvania. ”

Smother, 2006

“Playing an eloquent barroom style rock, Gleason’s Drift are pretty easy to get along with. ”

The Aquarian, November 2007

“ Gleason’s Drift are an American band who’ve chucked REM, Tom Petty and a few other classic bands of that ilk into a pot, stirred it around a bit and served it up as “Nickel Rocket”. To vary the fare a bit there’s a few hints of power pop, a few catchy hooks and some nice guitar wor”

Americana-UK, 2007

“This Pennsylvania four-piece are a terrific bar band rocking out originals. Gleasons Drift has that classic American local rock band feel and for those in their vicinity it is likely refreshing for such a band to rock their local haunt. ”

Exoduster January 2008

“ On “Nickel Rocket”, rawk 'n' rollers Gleasons Drift offer nods to The Band, Creedence and The Replacements, crafting a classic barroom boogie that still manages to surprise. ”

Pittsburgh City Paper, 2008

“On “Nickel Rocket” the band really comes into it’s own with strong instrumental play and tightly focused song arrangements. This is a fine effort worthy of anyone’s CD collection so give “Nickel Rocket” a spin. It’s money well spent. ”

Pennsylvania Musician, 2008

“Down to Earth and infinitely likable, Gleason’s Drift are worth your time. Crack a cold one open and enjoy. Toss me one, too. ”

Shinbone Magazine, July 2008