G-Lafe / Press

"Greg Lafer is a leading member in the Boulder Underground music movement. We truly apologize that we haven’t posted his music earlier, because this is awesome stuff."

"A disproportionate number of producers have been flooding out of the Centennial State from the Boulder-Denver-Ft. Collins triangle, and one such act is G-LAFE. Greg Lafer is a super young, super talented producer who defies genre labels, choosing instead to ford his own way through the torrent of bass and hip-hop beatmakers with classy synth work, gorgeous builds, and an ear for composition."

"Greg Lafer, who produces music under the alias of G-Lafe, isn’t one for bios. Still, as one of the most well regarded and fastest rising elements of the diversely talented Boulder-area underground electronic music movement, we might as well get you familiar with this artist’s essentials before he becomes more nationally known..."