Gladius: Metal / Progressive / Neo Classical - Atlanta / Press

“He is an accomplished classical/flamenco style guitarist and totally shreds on the electric as well. Check out his music!”

Phil Keaggy

“Exceptional musician of great skill and energy.”

Phil Keaggy

“True 80’s Christian Metal: Progressive, yet riff-driven songs, frequent and lengthy hammering guitar solos that will melt your face… Judas Priest style vocals, Double bass drum.. It’s all there.”


“Gasp! A Christian artist who DESERVES to be signed, what is this madness?”

Two Guys Metal Reviews

" The first type of music that actually goes "Beyond the Riff", no lyrics, exciting and different, building on this vision of this ministry."...5 thumbs up"

"Nice arrangement and excellent playing!" (Jingle Bell SHOCK!)

Carl Culpepper - Atlanta Institute of Music

“I love the mix of electric and acoustic guitars. With his records Gladius proves himself to be a master of both.”

Two Guys Metal Reviews

"Do Not Try This At Home"

Eddie Owen - Red Clay Theatre & Eddie's Attic

"Unbelievably talented young man."

Smithgall Arts Center (Gainesville, GA)

“Gladius captured the audience with the first note and kept the group completely under his spell throughout the entire concert.”

Regional Library (Port Orange, FL)

“Gladius seems to be really pushing the envelope, tossing in all sorts of cool little twists and turns in the music to keep things fresh and interesting.”

Two Guys Metal Reviews

"That Christmas song rocks!!!" (Jingle Bell SHOCK!)

"While some of us idolize certain guitar greats, learn to play all of their songs, and aspire to be like them, Gladius is a guy who will actually become one of those greats."

"You rock brother! God has blessed you with that operation and you sound great! Way to go! We all loved the Christmas song (Jingle Bell SHOCK!). Played it several times."

"Gladius is a fun shred act with tasty songs and a great understanding of classical music. More classically oriented than Malmsteen if not as flashy, Gladius is truly a talented musician.

"...guitarist with 16 years experience who performs under the name Gladius..."

“No computer can make a guitar sound like that! That was truly the work of some great legendary fingers.”

Reverbnation Listener - Review of “The Great Physician”

“The guitar part is very eclectic and complex. The beat is heavy and raw. I like the vocals. The lyrics are interesting and soulful. This group has something, I could hear them on the radio and want to know more about them. The song has themes that are true to life.”

Reverbnation Listener - Review of “The Great Physician”

“The potential of this track is high. Could be a next hit for sure”

Reverbnation Listener - Review of “The Great Physician”

"Those in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the variety of your playing and especially acknowledged the superior technical skill in performing the pieces you selected. Thank you once again for sharing your talent and your story with us."

Karen Swenson (Program Coordinator) - Spruill Oaks Library, Johns Creek,

“I would like for this to play on the radio while I was driving--that would be awesome.”

Reverbnation Listener - Review of “The Great Physician”

"I really love it when a musician is so good that they can play on the spot, whatever they wish to create at that moment. The audience absolutely loved him...He was definitely the refreshing rock component of this year's event. Everybody kept asking me, "Where did you get Gladius from?" ... I can tell Gladius definitely knows what he is doing. In a heartbeat, he can change gears to his liking. ... he definitely had the audience captivated."

Reverend Antoinette Ady