GatorNate The Gladezmen / Press

“These guys aren't musicians, there idiots! Couldn't play a real song with a radio! Don't quit your day jobs!”

Johnny Doowrite - Pinboard at Guitar Center, Miami, next to a flyer.

"When The Gladezmen come here to Denny's, they are loud and obnoxious, and bother the rest of the customers. They are rude and make a mess of the place...but for some reason, I can't wait till they come back. We always have fun.

“The Gladezmen, are growing in popularity in Florida. More bands and artists are seeking him out to record their music at his home/recording studio. It is only a matter of time before he makes a name for himself around the country”

“Rising out from the green murk of the swamps of Devil's Garden, Florida, comes a rattle and a thump. Gators and dogfish, slide guitar and harmonica, bull fiddle and knee slappin' sounds, combined with catchy melodies and cheeky lyrics make up the sound of the GladeZmen. ”

“Journey through one of North America’s wildest and mysterious places”

"This record should be a wake up call to all up and coming bands to GET YOUR OWN SOUND! The Gladezmen go effortlessly from Skynyrd, to 16 Horsepower, cowpunk, and arena blues...from subtle to subtle as a flying brick...unashamed, proud, and ORIGINAL. Nothing cooler IMO than smart dudes who still like to play it big and dumb when needed. you can read books and still enjoy good old 'foot on the monitor' rock and roll..... This record puts the Gladezmen securely into my list of great American bands going today...along with Slim Cesna's Auto Club, Pine Hill Haints, Hillbilly Casino, Nick Curran and The Pinebox Boys...all bands who own what they do and play like it matters...they play it like it could cure cancer if they dig deep enough. That's how it's supposed to be done folks...enough ironic BS...be proud and play it like you mean it...it's ok to love what you do. The CD is called, "Big Ol' Monster...In The Badluck Woods." HIGHLY recommended.