Girl In A Coma / Press

“Trio B.C. finds Girl in a Coma full of swagger and in fine form with tracks like “Ven Cerca,” featuring Nina crooning Spanish lyrics with a snarl.”

“The truth is, Girl in a Coma sound like no one but themselves. They’re distinguished by Diaz’s powerful yet soothingly tuneful vocals, but her soaring lamentations are pushed farther into the heavens by her sister Phanie Diaz’s stomping drums and Jenn Alva’s exhilirating bass lines”

“Girl in a Coma really hit their stride on the tracks that sound more like the work of hardcore Moz fans, from the upbeat sugar rush of “In The Day” to the bittersweet pop hooks of “Pink Lemonade” and swooning majesty of “Trail.” 4 out of 5 stars!!!”

“Girl in a Coma is the best bet to put San Antonio back on the charts as the trio of young tattooed Latinas deliver their hybrid of propulsive punk rhythms and edgy pop melodies with refreshing enthusiasm.”

““Static Mind,” which volleys from sweeping acoustic strum to fitful electric snarl, while vocalist Nina Diaz bellows mightily, “You’re gonna love me!” With that kind of conviction, how could we not?”