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“ROCK THE FLOOR gets to semi-final status form International Songwriting Contest 2009”

girlierox - girlierox

“the site that says and has is all. imglobal.ning.com”

“hot new site for girlierox and the mschifgals U.K based www.reputationlabel.com”

“girlierox/the mschifgals now on broadjam.com come support us NOW!!!!”

“girlierox # 4 in Australia's all genres!!!”

“Girlierox re-claims the #1 position in Australia!!! big thanks to everyone who supports and plays the tracks.”

“the mschifgals get SECOND NUMBER 1 WITHIN 1 MONTH. I BELIEVE IN YOU on U.S radio station.”

“new fanz page on myspace for the mschifgals www.myspace.com/489072837”


“girlierox NOW being played on Italian internet radio station www.imisounds.ning.com”

girlierox - girlierox

“check out the Mschifgals...collaboration between girlierox and jackie Q...”

girlierox - girlierox

“40 weeks+ GIRLIEROX remains at Number 1 in Melbourne, and Number 1 in Australia...Highest hit globally recently reaching Number 36.....”

“Twilight before Dawn hits the NUMBER 1 SPOT on hardcoremix”

“WoW! in-your-face, take no prisoners MUSIC."Rock The Floor" pinned me against the couch and made me sit up tall. I could't help but take notice!!”

girlierox - Britt Warner- reverbnation artist

“Moving Onwards is a musical explosion n good touch all the way ROCKFEVER:)”

girlierox - Tompaz-reverbnation artist

“Your music has this gritty ROCK sound that kicks my face in and has  me begging for more!”

girlierox - Supplement The Soul-reverbnation artist

“I don't know what I expected but it wasn't this!! WOW!! BLOWN AWAY!! Twilight Before Dawn is amazing!!!”

Emotional Arsonist - girlierox

"What i have heard on your page has, to date, been the single most incredible experience I have heard on reverbnation since joining".

girlierox - Rick Frost reverbnation artist...

"I am listening to TWILIGHT BEFORE DAWN"and I LOVE IT...You remind me of ME:)

girlierox - RanDallk reverbnation artist



“Great tunes...think BIG and Never Waiver...”

girlierox - David Rawluk. facebook

"Your music KICKS ASS!!!

girlierox - Robotique Robots reverbnation artist

"I love your trax, could hear them in the movies for sure"

girlierox - Jeneen Terrona

"Love the feel of your sounds...etherial and ambient"

girlierox - Dirty Steve..reverbnation artist


girlierox - Tres Womack..reverbnation artist

"Nice music...it's a UNIQUE style"

girlierox - Freestyle Percussion Magik

“Your work is Amazing!!! I love accoustic/electronic mix!”

girlierox - Animal....reverbnation artist

"PASSION IN THE RING..was especially cool"...

girlierox - Aaron Chesny...reverbnation artist

“dont talk with ya mouth TALK WITH YA FEET!!!.....LOL....”

girlierox - girlierox

“Girlierox thanks all fans old and new and is excited about new projects!!”

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