Ginger Sands / Press

“...Ginger Sands, an alternative country singer-songwriter, honed her craft in California...listen to such Sands songs as “Welcome to Lonesome” and Slow Thunder, Sweet Rain and you realize the Bay Area can be good for an alt. country performer’s soul.”

- THE TENNESSEAN: Music City Entertainment “Hot Spots”

“Ginger’s rich, strong voice easily puts her in the same category of the best female vocalists in the business…Her powerful songwriting ability will ultimately be the criterion upon which she and the band will be judged.”


“Before the Fences is a testament to Ginger Sands’ songwriting skills…The songs are strong with imagery reflecting her talents as a storyteller…”

NEW TIMES, San Luis Obispo

“Every once in awhile, one slips a CD from an unfamiliar band into the tray, sits back and then jerks forward with amazement. For me, that giddy delight was induced by The Sandstones’ Before the Fences…the whole package is uncommonly ear catching…”

SF WEEKLEY, San Francisco