gil velazquez / Press

“Velazquez constructs a fabulous basic track chock full of surprises..”

Michael Molenda - Guitar Player

“You may find Gil to be a bit of schizo -but that is a good thing. His songs run the gamut of styles from rock to techno, with a latin influence...what ties everything together is some great electric guitar playing, ala Santana.”

“Gil sways from Satriani-like riffs to Santana-shaped rhythms, easily taking his listeners to a very comfortable place. The familiar feeling of his multi-genre sound instantly endears enthusiasts of all types of music. There is sure to be something here to please everyone!”

"When I first heard Gils' music, it was as if I'd stumbled onto a Santana LP I had never heard. The style and flavor of the Latin influenced rock are very strong in Gil's music and he is amazingly talented.