Gilligan and the Professor / Press

"I think you cats are onto something. A great 60s aesthetic with a healthy dose of 21st century smarts and witticism."

M I McConnell - RV Nation Artist

“I was really impressed with your music. A seamless blending of Rock, Brit Pop and Surf...They all work extremely well together with a perfect balance between each element of the song. I found myself a little hypnotized by the overall effect because I was expecting one thing and you consistently delivered another...This is killer, well played and quite original...Can I be the Professor?”

J. L. - RV Nation

“Let’s see where to begin? Hmm, well I think for starters this group has a sound of definite electric guitars, and nice bass which sounds very well composed. No really, these guys are great they remind me of a nice blend of blink 182 with an old yet new feel. There genre is Alternative Rock , but I’m thinking it’s far more. I think as an artist they develop a live sound which is great, but they also have fun with their style which is key. We deem these Rockers “Spaced Out”!”