Giggle Party / Press

““Giggle Party might have the best video of the year. The above video for ‘Jason Bought a Hatchet’ from the Matt & Kim –ish DOMA-nominated oddballs is Giggle Party. Best of the year so far. For. Real.””

Pete Freedman - Dallas Observer blog

““This looks like a scene from the next, newest Adult Swim series. Giggle Party’s video ‘Jason Bought a Hatchet’ is an irreverent ani-mashup. We loved this video! Keep an eye on these guys.””

Video Militia

““If geeks with energy rules the world, every show on Earth would feature a lineup of geeky dance, pop and punk acts like these.””

The Dallas Observer

““It’s a bright, witty and ever so gruesome cartoon with appearances from a drumming Darth Vader, a guitar playing Mother Theresa, Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Abraham Lincoln with a ghetto blaster, a break dancing robot, a cross dressing dog and of course Adolf Hitler.””

The Devil Has the Best Tuna

““Yes, this is a hipster’s wet dream.””

The Uniblog

““Giggle Party brings you the greatest video ever made ever.””

Geoff Johnson - Dallas Quick Blog

““Giggle Party is one of the funnest bands I’ve ever experienced live..their new video for “Jason Bought a Hatchet” a video so deliriously fun it almost captures how amazing these guys are live.””

Jamie Falcon - Day Bow Bow

““Ever wonder what Girl Talk would be like if it was a 4 piece band, and not some guy standing at a card table with a lap top? Well, that is kind what a Giggle Party live show is like..”

Day Bow Bow - Jamie Falcon

““’Jason Bought a Hatchet’ by local band Giggle Party…has everything a hipster baby could want: spelling, counting, group shouts, and some mass murder for good measure.””

Subservient Experiment

““We likes us some Giggle Party ‘round here. The ‘party punk rock’ seizure-pop quartet is equal parts adorable and ferocious, like a fluffy bunny outfitted with cobra fangs.””

Geoff Johnston - The Quick DFW Blog

““Cotton candy party punk with a bitter after taste, Giggle Party sound like Bis and are here to brighten up easter with a blast of Atari electro, schoolyard changing and manic laughter that goes by the name ‘Easter Tree.’””

The Devil Has the Best Tuna

““You’ll have much better luck with Giggle Party’s keyboard heavy, anthemic pop punk—it’s actually quite solid and easily the best thing on this bill, particularly if you’re a fan of that Wham City sound.””

We Shot JR

““Nothing I can say is going to convey the dangerously high quantities of joy you will experience listening to Giggle Party.””

Your Face blog