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“GoD is uncommonly versatile. With its agit-prop stance and Johnny Rotten vocal whine, “C.I.A.” is straight-up punk rock. “Therapy” deploys DJ fx and weapons grade riffs and drumming that goes beyond heavy. And if Rob Zombie banged Marilyn Manson, their love child might sound like GoD’s version of “Play That Funky Music,” and unlikely cover that is ultimately a winner, right down to it’s fluid wah-pedal. Influenced are clear here, but the quality performances, especially the muscular drumming, are what really boost this band ahead of the pack.”

Music Connection Magazine

“Song Review, 'Raise Some Hell'... "WOW! That is probably my new favorite song. Not only does it get me excited, but it keeps me excited. My heart kept pumping and the beat just kept it going. The tempo was my kind of style and the lyrics, oh the lyrics, they just made me happy. No happy isn't enough. They got me jacked. No doubt this is a ten and if the scale went higher I am absolutely certain that this song would exceed a ten. Great song overall."”

Reverb Nation listener - Raise Some Hell

“You'll find everything from rock punk to thrash metal influences here but ultimately you'll find that G.O.D. has a unique sound. You can try to categorize this but listen well and it'll change. The musicianship is exceptional and the lyricism meaningful in a band that is prepared to change the game. Game on.”

“Arizona rock band Gift of Destiny talks about their new album, “Throttle,” and how growing their fan base through the Myspace platform, with no bots, no spam, just geniune band interaction has helped them”

“Blunt as a sledgehammer—and almost as heavy—Arizona's Gift of Destiny foresake all finesse, going straight for the jugular in both music and lyrics.”

“Gift Of Destiny's "FU1070": Tempe Metal Band's Anti-SB 1070 Track. ​It's been nearly a year since Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law, unleashing a shitstorm that's still going. Phoenix New Times put out a full benefit compilation called A Line In The Sand within a matter of weeks. We're pretty proud of our compilation. We didn't get any submissions from the strong local metal scene, which is one reason why it's so cool to hear Gift Of Destiny's Track "FU1070." The band's song "Raise Some Hell" recently won a contest from local radio station 98 KUPD playdio and also opened a show sponsored by the station. Then, the band's song won a listener contest called "Rock Wars" by beating out Avenged Sevenfold with calls and tweets. "One of the last songs we recorded is a song called FU1070 which basically has to do with the SB1070 immigration law. Our singer is Hispanic and the verse lyrics are partially in Spanish," said band member Mikey H.”