Giffords Lane / Press

“Giffords Lane, if the name conjures images of a Great Kills street then you must have travelled to another planet for the last few years. These kids are one of the most requested bands for this event and they cemented their status as a great classic rock band and get this, THE OLDER PERSON IN THE BAND IS 15!!!!! As a matter of fact it was his birthday on the day of the event. These kids always bring it and NEVER disappoint which is why they continually have the largest draw at this event!! Good job guys.”

“Age Is Not An Issue For Giffords Lane”

“STATEN ISLAND, NY — Sure, the St. George Theatre is preparing to open up its stage for "the youngest rock 'n' roll band to headline in its 84-year history!" But more importantly: Said band is gonna rock your face off. From covers of Led Zeppelin and Metallica to AC/DC and originals, this just might be the hardest rocking band to ever plug in amps at the historic venue. This will come as no surprise to Staten Island music fans who've already caught Gifford Lane's guitar-slinging, head-banging act on the Beatles Blast at the Ballpark main stage or at the Richmond County Fair. While most tweens are preoccupied with video games, extracurricular sports and social media drama, this band of middle-schoolers has gone from playing in their parents' basement to gigs at Manhattan's famed The Bitter End and Jersey's Stone Pony, State Theater and Count Basie Theater.”

"Their recorded tracks are phenomenal and can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages. Each song, especially “Beautiful And Crazy,” is energetic and forward moving compiled with power rock.' "They play music that we like, that our parents like, and that they like. It is so incredible that I honestly think that every fan of music in general—from the age of five to infinity—should have this in their collection."

“Very Young But On The Road To Stunning Musical Success”

“They aren’t the type of kids you’d be surprised to see ten years from now, in some nationally touring band; they are the type of kids you expect to see.”