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"Gideon Smith : a true Rock and Roll outlaw, outlaw writer/poet and above all a great human being. Here we have a musician that defies the heavy music scene by ignoring what everyone else is doing and has created his own brand good ol’ Southern heaviness. Not your typical stoner rock here, this is a man with integrity and originality..Truly a man who is not afraid to take a chance and is not afraid of what people think. An admiral attribute lacking in the music industry severely. Since interviewing Gideon several years ago we have kept in touch, he was a pleasure to work with back then and has remained a friend since then. I have enjoyed watching Gideon work hard over the years and expand his horizons. A self made man. If everyone treated me with as much friendliness and respect as Gideon has, the world would be a much better place."

Cavewizard - Downtune Despondency

"As the bottom feeding "pick your scene" mentality so predominant these days has proliferated to virtually every corner of the musical map, it has become nearly impossible to track down a sincere, resonating note anywhere. These times when all hope of truth in music seems lost are the exact moments you need to stumble across a guy like Gideon Smith. Sitting atop his solitary, swamp-surrounded throne as the rock n' roll shaman of this generation, Gid's lamentations on love lost, fallen brothers, and the cold metallic taste of daggers in the back are juxtaposed by the celebration of love's great healing power, the strength we all have inside to overcome life's pitfalls, and the beauty that comes when those powers are unlocked to us. ..Our captain is back once more with his Dixie Damned to remind everyone what the genuine article looks and sounds like. The results, as always, are magick..”

- D.Rowe - Dan Row's House of Music 2005

"Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned hail from North Carolina in the USA, having formed in 1997. They have a great mix of southern rock, classic rock, blues and soulful stoner/doom, and are a band with many musical layers. They are lead by frontman Gideon Smith, who comes across very much like a true Southern gentleman and who possesses a great bluesy baritone which reminds you of such vocalists as Glenn Danzig, Jim Morrison and Ian Astbury. He’s a vocalist who sings in his own style despite the obvious influences and has an impressive depth and richness to this vocals which he uses to full capacity..."

Kat Shevill, "Kat's Band of the Day" - Terrorizer.com

"Over the course of the past 10 years or so and with 2 EPs and 2 previous albums to his name, Gideon Smith has assumed an almost legendary status…even getting his own tribute album. Smith is an outlaw, he operates on the fringes of rock and roll, steadfastly shying away from playing “the game” and that in itself immediately draws people deeper into the fold with his heartfelt amalgam of stoner, blues, country, Goth and rock and roll. "

- Ollie Stygall - The Sleeping Shaman

"There's bands which we consider too rare, others too under-rated, but concerning GIDEON SMITH and THE DIXIE DAMNED it's immediately both that come in mind, yeah too fuckin' rare and under-rated !!! Maybe too quickly ranged in the box "Southern Rock", the style of the band is more rich and stripped than one can imagine, especially on this new album "30 weight" where the general mood is darker than usual, for my greatest pleasure ! I read here and there the word GOTHIC regarding this developed aspect on this new album, I would rather say there's new sounds in a music (that remains deeply and simply AMERICAN ROCK'N ROLL) which could remind a bit what we called here "english rock" from the mid 80's with the likes of JOY DIVISION or the darkest early hours of THE STRANGLERS,just simply dark and catchy sounds,without any tendencious and/or reducing GOTHIC image, which in my opinion seem far from the GIDEON's identity and authenticity.."

Steph Le Saux - Temple of Perdition

"Gideon Smith’s most recent offering is a wonderful piece of American rock ‘n’ roll, blending as it does seventies hard rock, stoner, doom and southern rock. Smith is flanked by a tight, kick- ass band and his soulful, smoky voice gives the whole thing its’ distinct character. Occasionally, the album evokes a moonshine version of Danzig’s Rick Rubin era and the riffs fit the Small Stone house style very well, but the blues is never far away. The real surprise is Smith’s love for British bands like The Cult and Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction. Perhaps more than any of his albums, this element becomes more predominant this time round, especially in songs like the opener Black Fire and Ride With Me (both of which ride on propulsive riffs), while the catchy as Hell Feel Alive might just be my favourite thing here, all AC/DC strut ‘n’ roll and Southern groove..."

-Dimitris Kontogiannis - Crows N Bones, United Kingdom

"Detroit’s Small Stone label has slowly but surely gained a reputation since its 1995 inception for quality heavy-rock across a wide variety of retro styles. After releases by such luminaries as Dozer and Acid Witch, the label’s roster has grown rapidly in the last few years to feature more quality new bands than ever – a small cross section of which are reviewed here. Gideon Smith third full-length album (following the snappily titled South Side Of The Moon) is a strange brew of stoner, southern and dark gothic heavy-rock. Smith’s adherence to the outlaw code is writ large all over the vampiric desert sound of this album. The covers of Saint Vitus and GG Allin numbers show his clear outsider lineage while his evil croon is a pretty unique blend of Tom Waits and Jim Morrison. This whole album is a dark treat. "

-Austin Mathers - Happening Magazine

"For a macho-baritoned shotgun wedding of thick-plod doom metal (including a Saint Vitus cover) to roadhouse blues (in both a Doors and a ZZ Top sense), this feels surprisingly goth -- and not just 'cause there's a vampire song. Still, Smith flies his Carolina flag, naming one track "South," and honky-tonking two Jim Beamed redneck outlaw numbers with lap steel and washboard. Add guitar intros that sound like 1993 Urge Overkill ripping '70s AOR ("Ride with Me") and 1975 Pere Ubu dabbling in Sabbathoid psychedelics ("Born to the Highway"), and the Dixie Damned earn their motorcycle licenses." - Chuck Eddy


"The new album from Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned, 30 Weight (Small Stone), is a dark and gloomy, filthy beast of a record, blessed with Nick Cave-esque vocals and some some very cool tunes that, at times, even dance into Danzig territory. Much fun to be had here." - Brett Callwood, Metro Times

Brett Callwood - Metro Times

"Imagine the Allman Brothers on acid lost in the Grand Canyon. can you feel it? Slide steel guitars, rotten teeth, bar fights, blind barking dogs, sex in the barn, hot tiny bikini mamasitas toasting in the sun -- all embraced in a voodoo sleazy trance soundtrack."

Leonardo Calcagno - Motel/ King 16 Magazine

"A burly hard rock shaman, North Carolina’s Gideon Smith has consistently (if sporadically) released solid Southern acid metal statements for over a decade. The swaggering 30 Weight easily satisfies those inclined toward soulful riffs, widescreen baritones and lysergic philosophy. Picks to click: “Black Fire,” “Feel Alive”."

- Michael Toland's Top 10 - TheBigTakeover.com

"Equal parts dark psychedelic and Southern rock (with nods to Danzig, the Cult, and the Doors and a touch of outlaw country), Smith's work has been fittingly featured in FX's biker drama "Sons of Anarchy" and even warranted its own 2010 tribute album. With Dear Druid and D.C. Leakage."

Courtney Devores - Charlotte Observer

"As the punny title would suggest, South Side of the Moon is much more tongue in cheek-y than previous Dixie Damned discs ("Blacklight wizard poster/Freaking me out!"). It's like Angel II: Avenging Angel. You know, a wry satire on the genre it helped create. That's not to say that it won't roll over your skull like a tank, because it most certainly does; buzzing stoner-punk crushers like "Save a Dollar for the Dead" and "Devil's Night" offer prime gonzola, and nuzzle comfortably next to narcotic deathjams like the woozy "Magic Queen". I'm just suggesting ol' Gid is having fun with this one, flipping through old copies of Creepy and Outlaw Biker while he plays his BOC and MC5 8 tracks on an endless loop. It's an homage and a send-up and a big, greasy, gorgeous slop-bucket full of deep, rumbling Man-Rock. " by Sleazegrinder

Sleazegrinder - Sleazegrinder Review of South Side Of The Moon LP

“Coming from a different side of the riff-mad world of stoner rock, Gideon Smith takes charge of a disc like none other. Brandishing a gothic/rockabilly vocal attack not heard since the Cramps, and fusing that wild vibe to balls out stoner wail, Gideon knows how to make an impression. Not so much straight stoner rock but some wildly bizarre hybrid that I hereby dub, "massively blues-inflected, biker stoner-billy." We'll call it stonerbilly for short. Imagine if you will, a full-out head on collision between a gang of Harley bikers and a fleet of monster trucks on Halloween at midnight smack dab in the middle of a Mississippi bayou. What crawls out of the mud is Gideon Smith in all his flaming glory...(read more on website)"”

Racer, Ripple Effect - Ripple Effect Review of "South Side Of The Moon" LP