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Officially forming in 1991, Gibson Cemetery has roots dating back to 1986 when then 14 year old Jim Wright met 15 year old Richard Gish at the favorite hiding spot to smoke cigarettes behind Mansfield High. They spent the next 5 years fighting over girls, playing music; you know doing things kids shouldn’t do. In 1990, they met Scott Lee, a security guard at the local mall at the time (Rich was a donut cook, don’t laugh). After discovering that he could play, and that he had his own stuff, (the red Randall) they asked if they could join his band.
they were calling themselves Feedback at that time. They had another guitarist named Tim, and a front man named Darren who went to school with Jim and Rich and sounded a little like DLR, They no drummer and practiced in a trailer, on Jim’s Grandfather’s property out on Gibson Cemetery Rd in Rendon, directly behind the cemetery. (ah, get it now?) After a disagreement one night and a conversation with a Louisville slugger, they had 2 guitarists. (Sorry Tim, Rich say's he really didn’t see you!!) About 2 weeks later they got our first dru…. They met this guy who owned some drums. They decided to change The name and that’s another story.
They moved to a rehearsal studio, (precursor to Jim’s career) and the singer and drummer flaked out. They got Gary White (d) and Robert Warren (v). They wrote some killer tunes and gigged in Tarrant Co for about a year. They played Emotions (which I hear is where Pantera got discovered) a lot, and bar called Charlie’s. Robert and Gary split, and Rich took a hiatus for about 6 months.
Jim and Scott toyed with a few weirdo’s for a while then they regrouped in December 1992 with Chris Adkins and Nathaniel Cook. We played on opening night the Galaxy Club in Deep Ellum, in February 1993, and played a few dives in Fort Worth before they adjourned to the studio to practice and record their first Demo “Gibson Cemetery” in 1994. It featured five of their originals, 6 in the bonus pack, and the James Mellen artwork which was done entirely with paper mate pens in 20 minutes.
This lineup lasted until early 1996, when Nathan moved back to Ohio (but his city was Gone). The four piece lasted another 6 months, then Jim took a break for health reasons. Rich, Scott and Chris did some gigs and studio work until late 1998, when the band took a break that at the time, seemed like the end....
After a stint with the band Hanger 18, Jim and Scott helped form another local band called Rugburn with Chris Zativa, Rich took a break from music.
In early 2000, Jim, no longer with Rugburn, started recording bands, and formed Avalon Recording ( which morphed into www.AvalonMultimedia.com) . In 2002, Rich did some video work under the Avalon umbrella, with Rugburn, and in October of 2002, started what became a year as bassist of Rugburn.
in 2003, Rich left Rugburn due to personal conflicts, Jim's Avalon was taking off and Rugburn with Scott and drummer, Tommy Wilihun, was doing gangbusters. Rugburn morphed into Psycho Coyote after some personnel changes, then fully disbanded in 2004.
Rich, Jim and Scott kept in touch, doing studio work at Avalon. in 2007, with Tommy on drums, the band reunited for a show at Rob's billiards in Euless, TX. The band practiced a few weeks with Gary White returning on drums, but it didn't feel right, didn't go anywhere and they discontinued while they were all still friends.
Jim and Tommy, along with a few of Jim's ex-band mates formed a Motley Crue tribute band they called "LiveWire". Livewire was actually quite successful until their end in 2009. Jim, regrouping with Scott, with some other bassist and singer Jeff Peterson, and formed a strictly cover band, called "PokerFace". They gig'd around for about a year, when the bass player flaked. Tommy left as well.
Jim, Scott and Jeff procured drummer, named Mikey and called Rich to see if he was available, he was.
After about 25 seconds of discussion, it was decided that since it was Rich, Jim and Scott, that the group would use the Gibson Cemetery name and logos.
after jamming with Mikey and Tommy Willuhn for a stint, Christian Meyer joined and that has remained the GC linup to this day.
In 2016, GC decided to adopt an alter identity as an AC/DC tribute band. Christian, heavily involved with many projects, asked to be excused and with his blessing the band sought after and found Ricky Matt to drum for them. The new identity is officially titled, "Big Angus" due to the "Angus" of the band's large, 6'9", 300lbs.
Whether you see them as GC or BA. you are going to get to see a band that is all about one thing, and that is bringing to their fans a hell of a show.
Lock up your Mothers!!!

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Jeff - Vocals, Jim - Guitar, Scott - Guitar, Rich - Bass/Vocals, Christian - Drums, Rickie - Drums
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Gibson Cemetery/Big Angus
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Fort Worth, TX

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