Giant of the Mountain / Press

"It’s so damned nice to hear a relatively new band you like move from strength to strength from one release to the next, and Giant of the Mountain have done that. Their new release, Valley of the Rogue, is their best work yet, but it’s more than that. It’s an unusual and unusually good song that should open a forest of eyes"

“Our favorite Texans have graciously given us the first crack at the track ‘Tormentor’ from the upcoming Mother Hydra, and it’s a good’un. It definitely has Giant Of The Mountain’s distinctive sound, that mix of black metal, death metal, sludge, and progressive with harmonized vocals. It’s rather unusual to hear a band so early in their careers already establishing a signature sound, but they’ve done that extremely well.”

““Chaos That Crawls” is an apt title for the second song. It lumbers ahead with a dark, sludgy grind, but sparkles with more crazy guitar antics without ever losing that oppressive air of menace. And then, as in “Sithis”, there’s a startling tempo shift and more riveting and unexpected fretwork, blazing and swirling and technical, and all that is matched by some inventive drumming, too. “The Great Expansion of Death” is yet another stylistic jolt — dissonant stoner sludge at the outset; then dropping into chaotic freefall as the pacing accelerates and the instrumental work becomes almost experimental in its raucousness; the vocals turn clean as they give voice to a chorus that’s got a Scandinavian folk-metal feel to it; and then the riffing jumps forward in a gallop with bursts of tech-death flourish."”

"The music reminded me of the feeling I got from Achren — not the musical style, but the feel of something that reveals recognizable influences, but is still raw, original, very heart-felt — and packed with some eye-popping surprises. “Sithis” is a good example. It slithers like a giant conqueror worm, rolling and grinding and pounding — and then the tempo shifts and there’s a blast of wickedly inventive guitar mayhem. The vocals dive into the abyss and then vault into raspy-scream territory and then dive again, and somewhere there’s even a few bars of clean singing. And by the end of it, I was thinking about Mastodon."

"Giant of the Mountain: This Texas threesome is a little rough around the edges, but there’s something about their music I can’t shake. Their riffs are just so brutally catchy, like Null and Void-era Intronaut, and to be honest I kind of enjoy the fact that the production isn’t super polished. "

"Giant of the Mountain are a ferocious three-piece from Plano, TX that meld black, death, prog, and stoner metal into one punishing package...It's pretty goddamn epic and definitely recommendable if you enjoy some progressive stoner metal."