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“Exceptional tracks swirling in a stand alone style with masterful arrangements. Brilliant!!!!”

“Giampiero, your style is sleek, your sounds infectious. Dance or trip, either way these soundscapes will move you. Well done.”

“Your music is fantastic and you have a really great sound. I love "Time". Best to you!”

“Giampiero, THERE you are! I found you... wonderful! I finally get to hear those lovely sounds that have made you no. 1 in Rome! Miscellaneous is super cool. ;) Thanks a million for finding me! If interested, I have a new page as well- Janice”

“these tracks are just to crazy and interesting..tight remixes”


“You are the reason, I have faith in this industry again, you are not only humble, but representative of such a uniquely gifted artist! Much love, & I pray, and hope to see you soon...one world, one beat, one way to the truth...Christina W Ward”

“Liking the music :) Keep up the good work.”

“Massive music the moves you!”


“Une aventure spatiale du son très avancée mon ami!”

“ Dear Giampiero, I get so absorbed in your music, Always touched my heart, Have a lovely day! Ryo, ”

“Your music is absolutely great! Sotiris (Synthscape).”

"Fine" is better than fine. It's bloody marvellous!! First class progressive journey house. Great vocal too!

“enjoyed your music tracks.Lovin your pushing beat.Nice work here.Stay blessed.Kalimba Master. ”

“ I love your new track "Mix May" you uploaded on SoundCloud!...It's so soothing...LOVE it! ~ Christina W Ward ”

“Diggin your sound... Awesome music. Keep in Touch”

“Of th US, that think reality is cool!...you are someone I hold dear to my feelings for this world, your music is the beast of the world!”

“Love your music… Awesome tracks! The best to you here on REVERBNATION”

“Like your stuff!!! Keep doing it!!!”

“Filled my boots listening to Subsonica ~ so all's good!”

“fun dancin music....keep on truckin”

“Thanks so much for the luv! I love what I hear. :-)”

“ARTISTRY ON STEROIDS! Great work guys keep it rippin'!”

“Magical arrangements going on here liking it very much . Greetings from Scotland”

“Cool tunes. Nice production. Laurie”

“Makes me wanna dance!”

“good music in your Reverbnation page!”

“Really cool work, massive groove with very intelligent arrangements and layering. Love you guys! All the best to Roma!”

“coming thru leaving some love!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

“Can’t get enough of your terrific music! Sending respect and feeling the love.......Pat Branch in NYC”

“This music moves you! Great arrangements. Cal.”

“WOW showdown is cool, what a landscape of sounds...quite the experience! This is headphone definitely material;) All the best, D♥”

“complimenti Giampiero”

“Showdown! Nice hypnotic groove and feeling it in SF Giampiero! ♥ Aoede ♪♫-compelling pop for your ♥”

“Bobs head" awesome grooves family! Makes me want to return to Italy again, SOON!”

“Ciao, in questa pagina ho trovato musica per le mie orecchie..ottimo lavoro!!!”

“Yes, you caught me, I was dancing around my living room!! Love your grooves, best of luck to you on your way to #1!!!”

“Hello Giampiero.. I'm digging your vibes! There is a great music... peace,Phigroa”

“Very well produced! Great tracks!!”

“Giampiero! Your music has always been so awesome to my ears! HOT HOT HOT!!! Love giampiero!/Jaki Song”

“I like what I hear, keep it up!”

“Very Cool Tracks”

“great imaginative tracks!!”

“Music is by far the most wonderful method we have to remind us each day of the power of personal accomplishment. Good vibes and friendship Nick and Mandy”

“Fab music! Real good tranks and hot for dance! Greetings from Sao Paulo Brazil”

“Love the video for "Haumea" I shared it on Facebook about week ago, you keep making great music, I am so proud to feature you as an artist and your music on my reverbnation page! ~Peace, much luv from Above Giampiero!...Thanks”

“Tracks are banging..awesome work G!”

“You are great !!!”

“Playing your sounds at FULL VOLUME!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Love it! Quit your day job...lol.”

“Hello Giampero B,you are doing exactly what I love in electro. Ty reverbnation for that”

“Great music, wow. Specially Sensation Shot gb remix is so creatively well-done!”

“Thanks G, lots of excellent tunes here! Keep up the hard work!”

“VERY COOL MUSIC!!!!!BEST OF LUCK!!JEN del rio band”

“What a wonderful showcase of your talents you have here. Sensation Shot is an extraordinary”

“Loving the vibe in your tracks!! very original!!”

“..Sounding better than ever Giampiero.......!!”

“cavolo veramente bella!!! Complimenti”

“Awesome! Tell me Giampiero... is it an Italian thing? I find Italian artists have such immaculate taste in art! muah! <3 /Jaki Song”

“excellent production”

“Just love it. Excellent.”

“always a pleasure to listen to yours! like your new profile photo, too! have a wonderful weekend, my friend!”

“My 5-yr old daughter just said she thinks this song (Credo) is "sexy." I'd say that's a great compliment, but now I'm going to have to have a talk with her later. Keep up the awesome work, and keep in touch. Kev (Atomic Honey)”

“Hey Giampiero!!~ The best of the best!!! Love you!!!/Jaki Song”

“ciao Giampiero complimenti per il sound!!!!!! bellissimi brani”

“great sounds!! lovin the vibe!!”

Todd Stone - ReverbNation

“Cheers Giampiero * ahhh Roma * great music from a talented Italiano! thx for rocking Reverb & fanme2 * love & much success * P”

“Am loving the vibe Giampiero - Very atmospheric”

“good sounds, I liked it, good job!”

“Great electronic sounds here sounds great.”

“From The 21st Century Sweet! Song one is killer 2”

“showing some love!!!!!!!”

“WoW wonderful songs on your page, i like it very much ! ;) One Love My World of Music”

“Giampiero :) You are a true artist! I love your music! and a good person. yes! I am very happy that we are supporting each other! You are awesome :)/Jaki Song”

“Ooooo.....'Noone Hears' - hypnotic - alive!”

“Dear Giampiero Just stopping by to say hello and .... I love your music! Greetings and full of happiness from Japan, Ryo”

“excellent work! I'm glad to have such competent partners behind our daily working tool”

“A full on sound,rolling along like a jumbo jet on take off with airborne melodies that enhance even more demand to be on the passenger list, have a most successful year, Peace, Love,Flight, Sound and Vision,Johnny....back to listening to more of your great musical art destinations....”

“excellent stuff here - thanks !”

“Great trax, great beats!”


“ciao Giampiero Escape from Rhea è mitica!!!”


“Hot tracks Giampiero! ^_^ Hugs from Florida, USA -Yely”


“Thanks for the love and support, you have sum great dance music.”

“Nice work! Wish you much success”

“amazing tracks!!!”

North Parade - fan

“Jaki was right sweet!!!!!!!!!”

“Great dance music from Italia. Good Beats. Nice Production as well. Thank you for the support. Tony”

“Excellent dance music”

“I am beside myself right now, your video for Great Dictator "no sudden moves" is incredible to me! I will recommend it, ohhh how I wish I could display it on NOLA ENTERTAINMENT & MUSIC!...just connecting people with originality and favorite artists or events! I personally favorite this one! Suggestions are welcome...”

“nice remix of "Dust in the Wind."”

“Great Music Aussi, especially liked Dust In The Wind.”

“Delicious big bites of musical sound. A feast!”

“Very cool and original! Nice tunes!”

“Excellent !!!!”

“You music moves us. Makes me want to move my feet. Cal.”

“Bravo!! Hot trax & killer mix!! Let us dance till we die... Ciao)))Rocco & Rahj”

“Bravo Giampiero . . . creative and colorful things happening in your music . . . John”

“Wow, I really like the variety in your music! Very cool, from energetic dance to tasty acoustic guitar. Good work!”

“Ammazza come "schiacci" In english: you kick ass!!!”

“Giampiero! Hope you had a great X-mas, I wish you many blessings for the new year my friend :)/Love/Jaki Song”

“Nice tracks "Six n one" thk you for the fanship too and Merry Christmas”

“yeaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!! CYGNES!! greetings DJ ANTONIO...”

“Excellent music!! Really makes me want to dance!! ...and I don't dance! On the fifth track right now and got more queued :) and thank you again for the support. I really appreciate it.”

“Cool tunes, Subsonica rocks”

“Great tunes, I really like "Audiophile" keep up the good work”

“Mi piaci "Dust in the Wind" very well done”

“Nice mix Giampiero, good trance, reminds me of the good old days a decade ago. Cheers!”

“nice work sunshine, A1”

“Love your remix of Dust in the wind. thk you for your fanship too and have a very Merry Christmas”

“quality that will keep you coming back..”


“Hey! Thank you for taking the time to listen to our music, we really appreciate it! you've got a great sound! particularly love subsonica.... brilliant song!”

“Loud, powerful, and innovative!”

“Glad to be back listen your music.Terrific impressive music.Great beats briliant mix of sounds and production is impressive.All the best Giampiero.Awesome”

“Awesome music Giampiero :)”

“Cygnes is real awesome !!”

“Ciao Giampero e complimenti per la musica”

“Hello from New Mexico! "Subsonica" is great! Thanks”

“You're very welocme..and likewise...Thnak you...you're music is brilliant !!! great production and performances..very pro !!! All the best and Merry Christmas from us Aussies..”

"Dust in the Wind" great remix, cool stuff

“Sounding great Giampiero...happy to call you my friend.........!!”

“Awesome Tracks... set as recomanded artist on my page! Paul Follid”

“nice progression, cheers”

“LARGE UPS from PHILADELPHIA 1 !!!molto rispetto per il tuo fusione di generi molto artistica! Meraviglioso!”

“Some solid music .respect from Glasgow.still working through your tracks . great production,real quality.”

“Great sound, love it! No wonder your at the top of the charts!”

“Awesome vibe! Your tracks are rippin good”

“Hey thanks so much for the support , great work you are doing too :)) keep it up and keep sweet :))Love, Lini & Shandi xoxo”

“Buon Giorno! Grazie per la musica e l'amicizia”


“Thanks for the support! I Good luck with your music endeavors! =-) keep making music!”

“my kind of vibes here, love the "subsonica" tune! keep up the good work!! really nice”

“Mi piace molto la vostra musica!”

“i Love your Music Dude! keep it pumpin!”

“Great songs! Now I want to go dancing!!”

“Cool tunes! Thank you!”

“Absolutely love the Dust in the Wind Remix! I could totally see me laying vocals to this! Thanks for your support. Blessings, Kassandra”

“LOVE Your Music - Thank you - All the Very Best - Keep 'em Rollin' - will stay in touch -”

“Real nice work!! Keep it up”

“i love your work it makes me wanna grind against something”

“Great Songs Man”

“Love the tracks! You have a very unique sound. Keem them coming!”

“Nice groovin trax.... peace”

“all your songs.. Are vary special..A incredible mix of worldly flavors, feels, soundscapes and textures..Interesting and vary easy to listen to..Take care be well.. from rdogg Burbank CA”

“Liking the sound!!! And thanks for the friendship”

“Your sound is terrific….Continue to make great music …and much success to you on REVERBNATION and beyond… ∞ Pat B in NYC”

Pat Branch Songwriter - ReverbNation

“Recognize greatness . . . it is here. Amazing, beautiful and creative - your songs move my neurotransmitters . . . art music love passion desire magnificent . . .”

“forte la tua musica..bei suoni,i pezzi sono ben fatti e ben registrati..great work!”

“Very creative work!”

“That's a really good musik you play it! We like it! Keep going on!”

“I am digging your vibe! There is a great essence in your music. Awesome, awesome!!”

“I really enjoy your music...Love it actually~!...thanks for your support..Nip~”

“I really like what I am listening to.”

“Great Stuff!!!!!! Love your tracks! Thanks for the support as well!”

“Groovy!!!! I enjoyed your tracks! Greetings from Chile”

“Nice music there, do keep with it and wish you every success in your musical journey.”

“nice sound keep rocking!”

“Interesting Tracks! Blessings for success and all the best. Thanks for your support also. :)”

Kathe Knight - ReverbNation

“Great sounds, great work... keep on! :) Cheers!”

“Very good beats bro, jumpin' jack on the dance floor. Thumbs up ! Cheers from Indonesia !”

“'Dream of you' Brill sound I love it:)”

“Sounds great in here”

“Dust in the wind!!!!!!!!!!! amazing”

“Dust in the wind is epical!!! Love the harmonics and the build up climax!! John”

“Awesome grooves !!!!!!”

“Hey! Thanks so much for adding my page! Feelin ur vibe! Stay blessed! Xoxo, Tracey”

“sweet,,,, perfect for a hang over,,Drea x”

“Thank you for add... Very good tracks...LiaVen”

“Fantasic Sounds.i listen and i feel good. Happy Halloween and best wishes Nobby”

“CREDO che portare avanti la propria passione accanto al lavoro e agli altri impegni della vita meriti grande rispetto. bravo giampiero!”

“Nice work”

“Thanks for the add.. Cool page and music.. Congrat.. DEI TY”

“Grazie mille, Giampiero! :) Complimenti anche alla tua musica! Marco”

“Ciao Giampiero grazie infinite!! musica eccezionale!! A presto grande d”

“Yo Giampero, whad up ? Kinda Jarreish beats here, very dramatic, as you would except from an Italian guy, no ? Very good stuff. Greetings from Helsinki hardcore science underground!!”

“Top stuff!! You got me bopping in my seat..Love it!! Blessings and thanks for your support..-Marie”

“Nice tracks giampiero b!”

“Very cool sound. Keep up the good work.”

“Ciao Giampiero, grazie mille per il voto. ascolto belle cose qui...complimenti un saluto e a presto M.d.P”

“Obrigado Giampiero! Curtindo aqui seu som BEMBOM! Abs | Tom”

“Grazie per il supporto..tracce veramente ottime! un saluto - A.Garu”

“love it! makes me wanna move my feet”

“This is real music!! greetings DJ ANTONIO.”

“grazie JP sei un grande!!!”

“Hey Giampiero! Thanks so much for becoming a fan! I love, LOVE your tracks... "Dust In The Wind" is awesome! I can't stop dancing to it!! :) Awesome production and groove! Keep up the great work and thanks again! -Payton Taylor <3”

“Awesome!! and thank yout for the support!!!”


“Hi Giampiero, I really like your music. It's great having you as a friend too”

“Nice to meet again here, Sounds great here, Hot Vibes and Beats ٩๏̯͡๏)۶”

“Terrific tracks…terrific sound….All the best for continued success on REVERBNATION and all of your other musical endeavors…..With warmest regards…Pat B. ♪♪♪♪♪”

“Ciao JP siamo pari!!! complimenti per tue ultime tracce very nice, see you soon - Jennifer”

“Love your tracks....big hello from the Skunk Down Under...”

“hey Giampiero B! Thanks for dropping by my site, glad you like my tunes. I really like what you are doing too. Love "Credo" but of course, all are great. Keep them coming!! Grazie...”

“Muy buenos temas ;) Mucha suerte!”

“Thanks for becoming a fan, u have good music!”

“very good,,,i like”

“Happy that you found me:) Cheers.. lost the page just as `i was about to leave you a comment. 'Awesome sounds you have going on in' Deep Spiritual Evolution. Love it! Will be back soon.”


“Thanks for being a fan! I really enjoyed listening to your music :)”

“Bravo! Great tunes!”

“Thanks for the Luv!!! Great music!!! STRE-EAT!!”

“Ciao, grazie per essere passato dalla mia pagina, adesso anch'io sono una tua fan!”

“Hello:)Loving the sounds of your music and WHAT A REMIX " Dust in the wind"!!!Wishing you lots of success here on revebnation:)** Thanks for the support~!Keep your dreams alive:) God Bless** --JL”

“I love your creations my dear friend Giampiero! God Bless you :)”

“Wow... Deep man.”

“I love the music keep it up, become a fan of my music and i'll do the same - Givenchy Humes”

Givenchy Humes - ReverbNation

“Hello! Thanks for being a fan ~ Awesome music!”

“You produce good music sorry for the late comment ciao!”

“Very good it is amazings..”

“Grande Giampiero!!!saludos de la tierra de bam bam zamorano!!!”

“keep it goin!! keep makin gr8 music!! thanxx for becoming my fan.. all the best for ya.. ~Jessica Lona”

“Ciao Giampiero! I like your style! too much. Me piace la tua musica. Give a look in our magazine www.artwallzine.com each issue with a space for one music, and we always divulge the good musicians like you..our network: http://network.artwallzine.com magari si vediamo li. saluto artwallzine”

“Love all your wonderful songs, Giampiero. Your rhythms are compelling and your sounds are to die for.”

“Ciao my friend! I like your style! Nice beats and also deep emotions!Best wishes from Athens!!!”

“Very nice sound and music - Keep up the good work!!”

“Awsome vibes here . . Greetings from BACHUUS”

“Ciao Giampiero,grezie per la conessione,complimenti per i tuoi brani. In bocca al lupo per tutto. Luigi:)”

“Thanks a lot for the friendship! Wow! Great stuff here! All the best & great luck!:-)”

“ciao Giampiero tracce stupende complimenti!!!”

“Great mixes very original sound my friend. Very rich and well done.All the best Rui”

The Silence - ReverbNation

“BIG TUNES here !! Nice one.”

“I like your Stuff dude ;) great Work greets Frank”

KlangKode - ReverbNation

“Thank you, I like your music, I like.. "Six in 1", "opening" saludos de dj antonio”

DJ Antonio - ReverbNation

“..Damn - Some Earkicking Tracks..☆☆☆”

“Great mixes - You should start producing =) Respect Sub Secret”

Sub Secret - ReverbNation

“I really love your sounds! Great stuff!”

Shannon Dee - ReverbNation

“Enjoyingour music:)”

Stirling - ReverbNation

“I loved what you did with "Hello"....nice nice nice!!! love”

LIANA FARINA - ReverbNation

“Hi. Thanks for your message. Nice music. My favourite track is " Ride in Space". Greetings from Greece.”

Maria Gialeniou - ReverbNation

“Love ya style) Big ups!”

Marshall K - fan - ReverbNation

“Funky bumpable beats, love it.”

Jonny Bedlam - ReverbNation

“Your muzic really took me for a Ride in Space! Keep it up!! Good work”

PHATj REKORDZ - ReverbNation

“Hey man I gotta ask... do you do mixes for indie artist as well becaus if so I would like to borrow your skills for 2 songs I would liked mixed by you.”

Geda-DotEss - RevebNation

“Wow...infectious and inventive sounds with great rhythm”

Judith Miller Band - ReverbNation

“Hey Giampiero B Lovin The Vibe Peace Panama ”

Panama selective - ReverbNation

“Great tracks! Thank you.”

The Ne Plus Ultra - ReverbNation

“Great tunes :) love it. Keep up your nice work. Wish you a wonderful and sunny day.”

Joon W - ReverbNation

“very creative and original...Primo stuff!!”

Electrosonix - ReverbNation

“Awesome stuff man... forgive me for saying this, as it's meant as a compliment, but there's a real Li'l Louis vibe goin on with your tracks... top notch! Ride In Space is f*#kin fantastic... & as for Run DMC v Abba... whoa!!!!... only you could pull that one off bro... massive!”

Spin Flint - ReverbNation

“Great tunes, sound and production! Wow! ”

Bella Sky - ReverbNation

“Wha's good GIAMPIERO B. Some great creations here man,feelin all you have! Keep on pumpin out them hits and definitely keep in touch man.”

Timmy Matrix &amp; Dappa Don Producers/Remixers - ReverbNation

“Great trax! You deserve the top A. #. 1”

Jaki Song - ReverbNation

“Hi Giampiero! Thanks a lot for the friendship! Great work! Great sounds, themes and rhythms! Wonderful dance music! Most enjoyed listening to your tracks! Wish you all the best! ”

LPB band - ReverbNation

“Ciao Giampero! Grazie mille di essere devenuto fan di me! ho ascoltato la tua musica e piaccio molto molto ce che hai fatto. Ti auguro tutto la felicità nel mondo della musica ;)”

Raphael Martin - ReverbNation


SAPPHIRE WOLF - ReverbNation

“Swell Beat, get out the tribal in me << Spesh Loopster >>”

Spesh Loopster - ReverbNation

“in spare time? niente male. Pensa se lo facevi a tempo pieno complimenti ciao Daniele (DANNIMAX)”

DANNIMAX - fan - ReverbNation

“congratulazioni per la classifica!!!!!!”

Marika Arcese - fan - ReverbNation

“complimenti per la musica, un saluto alla romana a ciaooo”

Piero Grillo - ReverbNation

“Loven the music nice !!!!”

Young Stephlur - ReverbNation

“Hi,Giampiero,congratulations,very nice work, have a great summer,all the best”

DITRADEM - ReverbNation

“bacioooooooooooooo <3”

Annalisa Peruzzi - ReverbNation

“I need to go to Italy and check out your music live! It's awesome!”

Cheryl Allison - ReverbNation

“Ciao giampiero b Credo and Keep the feel ... great tracks”

Andrew Bova - fan - ReverbNation

“Very nice grooves here. 'Le Voyage' is hypnotic and 'Opening' is a lovely progressive sound. Keep up the great work! x”

Solar-Isis - ReverbNation

“nce tracks dude..peace stig”

Animatera - ReverbNation

“Ciao Giampiero, Wow, I'm loving your sound, really great tracks =)”

Raphaella ♪♪ - ReverbNation

“some real tasty work, love credo, thx from kenny”

djctx - ReverbNation

“grande JP! ”

Marika Arcese - fan - ReverbNation