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"Sweet and spooky..."

“California based trio, Ghost Town Jenny make songs that could be described as sorrow-tinged musical fairytales, surreal acoustic dreams or – more musically accurate – a fusion of gently plucked guitar, cinematic strings and the beautifully unique, hauntingly ethereal voice of one Kim Kylland. This is a singer whose voice has that indefinable quality that bands are built on.”

“GTJ create a sonic mood that is reminiscent of afternoon light coming through lace curtains, teacups on the porch, and unmade beds.”

San Francisco Guardian

“Approximations of June Carter Cash-esque country, and a tangled-strings experimentalism that occasionally comes off like a minimalist answer to Andrew Bird.”

Austin Texas Decider

“It’s an impressive feat when a release from a new, young group can impact a listener on its first play-through. Ghost Town Jenny’s latest EP does just that. The sound on Golden Hour is carried greatly by Kim Kylland’s remarkable vocal capabilities, which are instantly hypnotizing. Supported by string arrangements that are both delicate and forceful, in addition to graceful piano work, synths, and percussion, each piece falls perfectly into place.”

“Kim Kylland has a wonderful voice, the kind that sounds just as good in person as it does on the band's recordings.”

“Hailing from sunny California, Ghost Town Jenny is a magnificent trio that effortlessly blend lead singer Kim Kylland's haunting and powerful voice with remarkable string arrangements and brooding ambient soundscapes to create their own unique genre of spooky, cinematic soul music. The band's dark and hypnotic ballads have garnered them fans around the globe and have started to turn the heads of many in the music industry.”

“Love enchanting songstresses like Florence and the Machine and Bjork? We think you just might fall for Oakland's emerging indie-folk trio Ghost Town Jenny. Premiering exclusively on PureVolume today is a first listen to a stand-out track from their upcoming EP, Golden Hour — listen to "Lights" above. Fronted by singer/multi-instrumentalist Kim Kylland (that's right, she's not named "Jenny"), the band also features keyboardist Johan Svensson and violinist Corey Christopher Mike. They've performed their cinematic soul to audiences at major festivals in Scandinavia and Iceland, and are now looking forward to spending a significant time in the Los Angeles area showcasing their new EP before heading to SXSW in March, then back overseas for a tour of Ireland next summer. The Golden Hour EP will be released on January 28th.”

“Ghost Town Jenny's music hovers between the bright light side and the darker, more mysterious...she is an exciting artist we hope to hear more of.”

“Describing Ghost Town Jenny is a challenge - not because there's nothing good to say about them, but because their sound is unique enough that I find myself struggling to come up with the appropriate words. If you take one part Twin Peaks, one part Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and two parts of that dream you can't quite recall but can't really shake... that's getting close. Singer/multi-instrumentalist Kim Kylland's (no, her name's not Jenny) ethereal voice floats through each song, held aloft with violin, saw (yes, saw), and more. All the while, you scramble to catch hold of that almost-forgotten dream. Ghost Town Jenny are currently touring overseas... if you aren't lucky enough to be in Ireland or Norway, give it some time and I am sure they will be back in the Bay Area before long.”

The Late Show

“You people all go ape for Tweedy, but this is the name you should toss around...it's heartbreaking: Ghost Town Jenny (always adorable, but especially so in big black rubber rain boots with a glass of red wine) played next, and broke broken hearts a little more ("What good is feeling/If my hands aren't touching you?") before inviting D.A. back on stage (this time with fellow Saucer Sean Mulvihill on drums) for a Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra cover. Sleepy little birdies singing sad little songs . . . it perked up a bit when the Flying Saucers took over at the end, covering Tom Waits and the Replacements, although that was a nightcap—hot and strong, it knocked me right out.”

“News in of a co-promoted mini-tour happening next week, run by MDR and Feel Good Lost, who it’s fair to say are two of Cork’s (Ireland’s) best proponents of blue sky thinking right now. The lineup is Ghost Town Jenny, a California-based trio built around the memorable voice of Kim Kylland, with instrumentation of piano, qchord, violin and saw, creating wracked Western-style soundscapes. They are joined by Conor Walsh who is from Mayo and creates perfectly poised piano figures with an occasional hint of an atmospheric bass rumble. Check the piece below – elegiac would be a word. It’s the kind of music that would sit most comfortably beside someone like Dustin O’Halloran on the rack. It seems the tour was prompted by Brendan Canty (of Feel Good Lost) after seeing Ghost Town Jenny play at last year’s Iceland Airwaves festival. There’s plenty of blue sky in Iceland of course…”

“Kim Kylland is called Ghost Town Jenny—maybe because of the high-lonesome in her voice and the little Sandy Bull/Richard Bishop flourishes she’ll do on her acoustic guitar—a few seconds for ringing open strings that whip and wiggle like barbed wire caught by wind. Guys like Bert Jansch, Guy Clark and Jackson Frank were beastly pickers but also played so soft and simple and well, that’s where Jenny sets up: voice and instrument serving pure and powerful purpose, the kind of songs where the hush left hovering at the end is as necessary a part as the rest. She doesn’t frog her voice like Iris De Ment but surely she can make someone weep just the same.”

“Possessing an effortless and ethereal howl and remarkable instrumental arrangements, each song is like it's own contained fairy tale.”

“It’s almost impossible to tag the band’s music to a particular genre; but there are certainly parallels to be drawn between the atmospheres and emotions dealt with in "The Swan", and Florence and the Machine’s "Ceremonials". I spoke to Jenny to hear about what she had to say about the band and how she started making music.”

“Ghostly and ethereal, it’s almost impossible to tag the band’s music to a particular genre; but there are certainly parallels to be drawn between the atmospheres and emotions dealt with in 'The Swan' EP and Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials.”

“Au commencement, Ghost Town Jenny était Kim Kylland. Puis, le projet solo est devenu groupe. Basés à San Francisco, Ghost Town Jenny dévoilent sur leur EP 5 titres, "The Swan", une pop électronique majestueuse, à la fois sombre et éthérée, où s'entremêlent la voix splendide de Kim et une multitude d'instruments, comme le piano, la harpe, la trompette ou les cloches. On obtient alors une ambiance cinématique au délicat parfum soul. "The Swan" est en streaming intégral sur le Bandcamp de Ghost Town Jenny.”

“GTJ inhabit a musical world that is haunting, ever changing and unique; with a vocal style that fluctuates between Björk-esque peaks and the sadness of country crooners from decades past, while still maintaining a distinct quality all her own.”

Let Go Magazine

“Features just the kind of fairytale imagery and spooky yet gorgeous sounds one might hope... Their sound includes danceable tunes that recall Björk and Florence & the Machine, while their simpler strummed ballads make one want to don a whimsical gown and run through the forest on a starry night.”