Ghosts of Jupiter / Press

“Some people go to Boston’s Museum of Science on field trips, others on hot summer days. No matter what brings them there, few expect to find local Boston rock pumping through the speakers. Thanks to partnership between Boston natives Ghosts of Jupiter and the Charles Hayden Planetarium staff, however, that’s exactly what they’ll find.”

“Boston psych rock aficionados Ghosts of Jupiter moved forward in this years Rock N’ Roll Rumble on a tie-dyed cloud of reverberated solos and riffs brought back from the golden age of noodling. Now, with their self-titled album behind them, they’re taking their show to an oddly appropriate venue: the Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science. Why the jump from the footlights to the cosmos? Nate Wilson, frontman of Ghosts of Jupiter, and production manager Bret Wohlgemuth have a few answers.”

“Imagine being able to present your band’s music with more mind-bending visual imagery than a Radiohead or Roger Waters concert. It’s a surreal reality for Ghosts of Jupiter, whose self-titled debut provides the soundtrack to a kaleidoscopic, state-of-the-art digital show at the Museum of Science’s Charles Hayden Planetarium.”

“Do you remember Friday nights at the Museum of Science in high school and college? Laser lights, special effects and Pink Floyd and Zeppelin. This summer it's back — but with a local band and a 21st-century touch. "The technology is video projection, but like video projection on steroids," said David Rabkin, director of the Museum of Science planetarium. To be exact, it isn't actually a laser show.”

“Homegrown animators have ditched the lasers and instead conjured up evocative landscapes and situations. Most importantly, local favorites (and Rock’N’Roll Rumble semifinalists) Ghosts of Jupiter have made the kind of album that lends itself perfectly to a light show, full of shifting rhythms, riffs you want to follow to the end of the universe, and enough fun bombast to pop the top off of anything that tries to contain it, even a huge dome.”