Ghosts of Dixie / Press

“Paranoid Magazine: Welcome to Paranoid . . . whats going on guys? G.O.D.: Well, we just finished a great weekend here in San Marcos, with Mrfest and MIZfest going on at the same time. We played Triple Crown on Saturday to a good crows with lots of new faces. We're doing the last touches on the alum cover for our debut DC Baron Lacroix, and being interviewed by Paranoid Magazine ;-) Paranoid Magazine: Introduce yourselves. Band members/instruments. G.O.D.: Michael Fisher – vocals and guitar, shaman to the audience Brian Carlisle – the Beast of Bang on drums Robert McCarney - aka Bosto – lead guitar Sean Sanchez – the bassist keeping us on base Josh Schaefer – our distinctive sax player and sound guru Brandy Kilpatrick – vocalist on leave Roberto Ogden – 1920s piano player in a delightful time warp Paranoid Magazine: I've been hearing about you guys around town. Thought I'd better hurry and grab an interview. How long have you been together? Ghosts of Dixie; Since August ”

“Ghosts of Dixie is the epitome of San Marcos culture; people coming together, having a good time and enjoying the music they make. This band Doesn't play by the rules, from age to sex to style. Ghosts of Dixie looks as unique as they sound. With their eclectic style and their integration of different instruments into the mix, this band creates a truly unique sound thats all about having a good time.”

"Last to play was Ghosts of Dixie with its HARD-HITTING southern Rock"